Need help for what to fix for 50 hungry athletes....

phoggieSeptember 12, 2013

I am asking for your help. I need an easy idea for what to feed 50 football players for a breakfast. They eat at 7 and the food will need to be fixed at home and taken to the school.....but have to be at my job by 7:30, so it is going to be something that can be done before that morning.

I had thought of breakfast casserole, but can only cook 2 pans at a time and I would have to do about 6 pans. How about biscuits and gravy? Anyone know about biscuits from Sam's Club? I might be able to fix a crock pot of gravy and heat it up.

I need to keep this as low cost as possible....not reimbursable, so it is rather costly and I just can not do that.

Thanks for any and all help from you cooks!

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

Pillsbury frozen biscuits are great and available all over the place. I think biscuits and gravy (w/plenty of sausage) would be perfect. I would also have fruit - those huge bags of frozen mixed is good- along with butter and jelly. And, if in the budget, doughnuts are usually popular and most would have a biscuit and doughnut and fruit.
You could also have bagels and cream cheese.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

That's a lot to feed by yourself. Is anyone helping?
Other "strechers"; grits in a crock pot, muffins, hash browns.

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How about breakfast sandwiches on English muffins? The eggs could easily be done in large batches in the oven using muffins tins. Add a slice of cheese and some ham on some. Wrap, refrigerate (they also freeze well) and reheat when needed. Along with a bowl of fruit and, maybe, some oatmeal muffins any teenage boy I've ever known would be happy.


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Is this a rotation and your number is up, lol?
Hopefully this is just once a year. Probably what i would do to avoid dishes...
(is this in the cafeteria? A shame to use plastic silverware and paper plates and bowls)
I would rather put that expense into the food if the case.
I would have to hit Costco and go with bagels and cream cheese, croissants with pb&j-nutella, and a pack of their muffins. Or just good bread pb&j. And haul in my blentec and make quick healthy smoothies...bananas yogurt fruit etc prepped and pre-frozen ready to go.
Our Costco bagels and croissants and muffins are huge. I would prep ahead and cut everything in half so they could have more than one choice....(i really want a peanut butter/nutella corissant right now, haha)

(my breakfast all thru high school was wheat toast pb&j/nutella and a yogurt.)

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What about a crockpot breakfast casserole? If you have a Nesco type roaster you could do it for the whole crowd. If you don't have one, someone you know does.

Here is one recipe - it only serves 8-10, but if you have a large crockpot, you could probably double it. Borrow another and make two, or borrow two and make 3 smaller ones. Then just have a bread/muffin/roll/bagel side along with fruit. I'd avoid anything with pnut butter, most schools prohibit it because of all the allergies to it.

There are lots more crockpot breakfast casserole recipes on the web.

Here is a link that might be useful: Slow cooker breakfast casserole

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Thanks for your ideas. These are High School boys!! need energy and protein....they have to play a game that night and school meals are not that filling anymore with the cut backs.

How can a person cook eggs the night before and keep them from turning GREEN?

I had thought of breakfast burritos, but the other parents have done that twice already this season.....last ones went to Sonic and bought a 100 early that morning.

A lady told me this morning that for a church breakfast, she goes to Sam's and gets their already made and cooked biscuits and canned gravy. Does anyone know how good these are? I am not to sure about the canned gravy~~but maybe I can make a crock pot of "real sausage" gravy to add to it.

Thanks and keep the ideas coming~~~

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Football players will want a fairly hearty breakfast.

I like your idea of biscuits and gravy, assuming you are adding sausage to the gravy, but one crock pot of gravy won't cut it for 50 ! That's a lot of big hungry guys!

What facilities do you have available to you on site? I know your time is short but how much time do you have on site before the 7 AM serving?

Could you do scrambled eggs , toppings like chopped cooked bacon or sausage , salsa and cheese and served (scooped) in a sliced pita?

The eggs could be mixed in advance and just cooked on premises, everything else could be pre cooked, sliced, shredded and ready to serve.

Sausage, gravy and biscuits is way easier if you can pull off the quantity.

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Here you go...

Baked eggs in muffin tins...they will not turn green. That would be yuck and we don't do "yuck" around here. :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Baked Eggs in Muffin Tins

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phoggie, you have my sincere admiration:) I live with long distance runners ... it can be overwhelming.

There have been some great ideas percolating. I was wondering if you might add ham to your list? Could be baked, sliced and just warmed up a bit? With english muffins/pitas, cheese, with the eggs? Could you take some yogurt or a pitcher of smoothies?

Sometimes, these kids are more flexible about eating unusual foods at different times of the day too. They wouldn't blink an at pizza for breakfast, etc.:)

I have a good feeling about this, and I know your efforts will be appreciated too!

Cathy in SWPA

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I made and baked small mini quiche for 600 for my stepson's wedding, no crust, just the beaten eggs and veggies/meat/cheese, baked and frozen in mini muffin pans. They thawed and reheated very nicely. I have also beaten eggs with cream and baked a large half sheet pan full, then cut into squares to make breakfast sandwiches. You have to grease the pan and stir the eggs a couple of times while baking at 350 until they are done.

I also thought about breakfast pizza, but I think that would be difficult to reheat at home, although it would be easy to transport sheet pans full of it to the school.

I've never tried the canned gravy, but Elery's grandsons say they like the premade Sam's Club biscuits just fine. I think I'd be more inclined to bake biscuits ahead of time but the Pillsbury frozen ones aren't horrible either.

I agree that 50 football players are going to eat a lot of food, so I'd be offering the bagels and cream cheese too, maybe muffins or sweet rolls/donuts just to fill those pits up!

I'm trying to figure out how to factor potatoes in here. Cheap, filling, nutritious, nearly all the kids like them. Maybe a big roaster full of that hash brown casserole thing that they serve at Cracker Barrel? Can you borrow a big roaster, like the 18 quart Nesco or maybe a couple of extra Crockpots from other parents? You could do 5 or 6 crockpots of breakfast casserole or strata and let them cook overnight, transport them in the morning.

Good luck to you, boy, do I remember those days when the girls were in high school. I don't miss 'em either, LOL.


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Breakfast sandwiches are easy. I bake eggs in muffin tins, toast English muffins, add ham, cooked Canadian bacon, reg. bacon or sausage patties and a slice of cheese or shredded cheese then wrap individually in foil or plastic wrap. I use foil if reheating in the oven and plastic wrap if reheating in the microwave. I can feed a crowd fairly reasonably and quickly.

Figure 2-3 sandwiches per player. I've made them for DD's ice hockey team and that was a lot but 50 football players...that's a lot of sandwiches!

To keep the cost down, I buy generic English muffins on sale or day old, buy cheese ends and grate for cheese then buy whatever meat is on sale.

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