Show us your laminate counters and type of sink

tinker1121February 14, 2014

Please post pics of your laminate counters, name of the material and the type of sink chosen please.

Also, why did you choose laminate over granite, quartz, corian etc. ?

May help those of us "refreshing" our older kitchens.

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Transitional Kitchen by Other Metro Kitchen & Bath Designers ProSource Memphis

Formical 180 FX in Calcatta Marble with a Blanco Silgranite sink. We wanted to show how fabulous laminate truly is these days!

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lwo, how would it compare in pricing? i had heard that the fx is almost as costly as a lower end granite but haven't gotten a price myself

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That 8' section would be around $415 installed vs. around $880 for the same exact counter in a Group A granite installed. However, that granite includes a top mount sink and a standard free edge, not an undermount sink cutout and install, and an upgrade to an ogee edge. Add those two things in granite, and that adds another $1000 to the job cost.

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Very nice!!!

I am struggling looking at all the options for my kitchen update. (I am sure you all saw my other posts.)

Just got a call from a kitchen showroom and she quoted me these prices for the 35 square feet of counter space I have to give an idea of the price differences. These are only material and installation to include the sink cut out but not a sink:
Cambria Quartz: $2964
Granite (level 2): $2402
Laminate: $1510.50 :~) (+$159 for removal of old counters)

I think the final answer is..........laminate!

In my case I am keeping my existing cabinets. If I were getting new cabinets I would go for the granite or even the quartz.

Keep those pictures coming please!

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We haven't decided for sure yet, but are leaning towards Wilsonart Italian White De Pesco. We'll have off-white cabinets.
Blanco silgranit sink in black or brown, haven't decided yet!

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Here's ours.

Laminate has a brushed texture and is semi-shiny. Sink is Kohler Vault, single basin.

We went with laminate due to price. It was like 1/5th of the price of stone. We did use stone accents in two places so I could get my rock fix.

And let me add: we love our choices. No regrets nor residual lusting for stone. Good luck with your decision!

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We were going to go with 180FX but the quote was $2500. We went out and bought a new sink and it cost $350. So that put us up to $2850.

We then went and looked at granite. I feel in love with Portofino which is a level 1 (lots of movement though) and the quoted us $3200 with a sink and 15 year seal, and upgraded edge.

He figured it was worth the extra $450 to get the granite. I'm soooooo glad we did. It looks awesome & I couldn't be happier.

I really do like the 180FX product and I would have been happy with that too, but for the small difference I'm glad we went with granite. I do understand having a budget though, or thinking about resale. Some houses don't have any need for granite and laminate is the way to go. You just have to figure out what you really want and go for it either way.

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Tinker, I think laminate is a sensible choice for your kitchen. If you decide to do a full-on remodel down the road, you won't feel bad ripping it out.

We were planning on laminate in our recent remodel, but fell head over heels in love with a Cambria pattern. We did splurge for it, but the cost was $2500 more than laminate. This was a once in a lifetime project for me, so I rationalized the extra expense.

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live_wire_oak - are your cabinets stained in Java gel stain? They look really nice!

karin_mt - Are you happy with your Kohler Vault sink? And what type/brand of laminate is that?

Thanks! I think we need to get a laminate countertop so it's great to see some real-life options.

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No, those are Aristokraft cabinets, Oakland door style, Sarsparilla stain. They come that way from the factory, with that hard baked on factory finish.

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Pamplemouse - Drat, I can't recall the brand and style of the laminate. I'll see if we still have the sample in my vast collection of samples.

We love the Vault sink! It's definitely one of those items that I adore every single day.

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Thank you for the replies!

live_wire_oak - your cabinets look great, thank you!

karin_mt - glad you like the Vault sink, we are considering that one! If you remember what the laminate brand/style is, please post, I understand it's hard to keep track of everything. Cheers!

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This is a picture of my kitchen (which has been demo'ed following a burst pipe); the house I purchased was "flipped" before I purchased it and the "flippers" used laminate countertops and SS sinks.

The countertops are called "BELANGER Fine Laminate Labrador Granite-Etchings Straight Laminate Kitchen Countertop." (found at Lowe's) As best as I can tell, the sink is a 50/50 top-mount Elkay Stainless sink.

I was quite happy with the kitchen in general and it was one of the reasons I purchased the house; though, after almost four years in the house, the questionable quality of materials is showing.

Sadly, the laminate countertop -- which was also used in the bathrooms -- has not held up as well in the bathrooms.

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And, FYI - I'm currently redoing my kitchen. This is the way it looks now.

I'm going with UbaTuba granite -- which I'm getting installed for $30 sq/ft--and I'm getting a SS sink, that will run from $139-$241, depending on which one I choose. I ended up getting a Standard American faucet (Soltura), and I picked up a new microwave.

Keeping the flooring and going with a glass backsplash.

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If you want to save even more money, check out this product. I ordered samples, then broke my arm, so have to wait to try it.

Here is a link that might be useful: countertop

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Tinker, I'm not trying to push you toward laminate or granite. We've just been shown some very attractive kiltchens with laminate posted above. What is puzzling me is your statement, "If I were getting new cabinets I would go for the granite or even quartz." Your cabinets may be 20 years old, but they are very nice quality and still look like new. My agreement is with annkh, the issue is what are your future plans for this kitchen and this house? If your plans are to use this kitchen for at least five additional years, may I suggest that you go with the countertop that provides the function and the look you really want if it is within your budget. I can promise that if your heart sings each time you step into your updated kitchen, you won't regret one penny spent on the project.

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Texasgal I agree with both you and annkh.
I think the issue I am having is that I have not seen anything that I think would make my heart sing each time I walk into my kitchen and it is because of working with the oak cabinets and wainscoat. Yes they are in good shape but to me they are old and tough to marry old with new.

I did go to the granite warehouse on Saturday, it was "interesting" and a little overwhelming. After walking through the entire place with my cabinet door in hand, there was only one I kept going back to and also the sales person assisting me and it was not too busy of a pattern and soft pretty colors of cream, gray and scant of brown/gold. The granite is Absolute Cream and he thought a "C". Do I love the granite, yes it is very pretty, do I love it for my old house, with all of the oak? I am not sure.

Some of the granite did knock my socks off and I would joke that what I really wanted was the house or the cabinets that went with that gorgeous slab but it was not right for my wood or eat in kitchen.

So in order to spend the $$$ I have to be sure I love it and that is not happening yet with granite, quartz or formica. I am a bit burned out from the experience so far. It seems a neutral formica would be best but I already have that and not too bad a shape either.

Sunday I did another visit to the big box stores to look at laminate again. Kept an open mind, looked closer at all of them as to not rule any of them out. Did any of it sing to me, not really. Can't see the shiney surface of some of the new stuff on my counters as my lighting causes too much glare and back to the issue of choosing a pattern that is not too busy with the oak and then have to coordinate a floor.

Looked at the sinks that would be top mounted with laminate as no one recommends undermounting a sink with it and the ehhh, my blue sink is beautiful compared to them. Do you see where I am going with this? lol

All I really need is a floor, paint, new light and hardware and until something seem "right" I will remain in this redecorating limbo. Throwing out that sink for a stainless or another enamel sink in another color seems frivolous.

Also it does appear navy is coming back as is gold and I already have it! I reread my original topic of Updating a country kitchen and the first advice posting was to work with what I had. I should have stopped right there.

Today I will get the estimate for the Absolute Cream granite I looked at. I would love nothing more than to coordinate a counter, sink and floor that makes me feel this is all worth it; time, money and effort.

I have attached a picture of my "wood" for those who have not following my dilemma in my other posts to indicate why it is difficult to choose a color an material.

Here is a link that might be useful: December 29th-original post

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I think you are right, tinker1121, its the marrying of the old and new that is causing your hesitation. Personally, if I were you, I'd just paint and put the floor in for now. No sense in putting things in that you don't love. Your kitchen already looks dramatically different with the wallpaper gone. Then, when you can afford it, replace the cabinets and the counters. There is no rush, really, your current kitchen is in good shape and functional. Since you are so uncertain, live with the fresh paint and the new floor for a while, give yourself time to think it over.

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It really is hard work, especially when every decision is dependent on another. I have really enjoyed your journey and contributing where I could.

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May_flowers you have given me some great ideas, things to think about and glad to read you "enjoy" contributing as I feel like a royal pain with my indecisiveness.

Other factor in this is that DH having some new health issues, having testing and I don't want to be too torn up and cause more stress at a time when other things may be more important.

Thanks again to all as it continues to evolve. I have met some great new friends here.

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