Looking for a counter top microwave. Recommendations anyone ?

pump_toadFebruary 6, 2013

I am just looking for a inexpensive counter top microwave. Monday I went to Walmart and picked up a Hamilton Beach. Got it home,plugged it in and it tripped the power off. Took it back today and they asked if I wanted another one ? No way, I need to check and see if any of you folks have had a recent microwave that actually works.

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We just have the %60 one from Walmart.

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Mine is a Sharp from WalMart. It has served me well.

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We have the GE Spacemaker II. We bought it in September to replace a GE Spacemaker that finally died after 18 years - not bad for an inexpensive microwave that had heavy use for 18 years. We also have one at our vacation home that's now 15 years old.

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My built in is Amana in this new-to-me house - I haven't had an Amana microwave since my very first, purchased in the '70s when I worked at a hardware and appliance store and they were well over $500 :), and that may have been after employee's discount.

The last countertop I bought and left in the house I will sell was Kenmore from Sears, on sale about 5 years ago for approximately $70. It would hold a 9x12 pan, had a turn table, more functions than I needed and still working great.

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I had a GE for many many years. Replaced it with another GE about 5 yrs ago. When we sold the house, the buyers asked us to leave it. I bought the identical one for this house. It will be 4 yrs old in June. Bought it at Lowes.

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