walk in craft cleaning closet

ronbreOctober 15, 2009

well i just spent most of yesterday reorganizing my craft and cleaning closet..it is the walk in closet off of our guest room..

i have two small base cabinets and a file cabinet along the west wall with countertop on top of that and books on top of that for sewing and crafts..above that are two shelves..one shorter one has pegboard beside it.

now there are 4 shelves along the end wall which is about 6' wide or so, haven't measured that is a guess.

then on the east wall is now a 3' long and a 4' long shelf above a wall rack that holds brooms, mops, etc..

parked under the bottom end shelf are my carpet shampooer and upright vacuum..behind the door is the ironing board and iron..

i really think it will be much more accessible this way..most of my things on shelves are in plastic boxes such as shoe boxes, and larger, and document boxes and smaller..including really small ones for buttons and things..

took out 3 wrapping paper organizers..they just took up too much room as now i seldom wrap any packages..and the little paper and bags i have takes up less room than one organizer did.

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I just gave the last of my wrapping paper to a local charity, tote and all. Seems like I only use bags now. They take up so much less room and our $$ store has a fabulous selection, so I buy several at one time. That said, I usually don't have the right size/design on hand, so have to buy more ;-)

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yeah i find that most of the wrapping paper i did have left was christmas as well as bags and boxes..and we don't do much in the way of christmas wrapping of gifts..as i don't do much for people outside of our family any more than baking or fruit baskets..

i do think i should keep the wrap on hand in case we get a big gift for our son and need to wrap it..so i have them standing in a planter upright now in a corner..the other stuff all can go flat.but i'm getting to the place where you are..just have a bunch of bags and reuse any that come into the house that are in good shape..also have a good supply of tissue..that also leaves ribbons and bows..not really needed on bags..and they do take up a lot of room.

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