Cameras, etc. where do you store them?

des_arc_ya_yaOctober 9, 2005

I've been to several peoples' houses lately and, I swear, I NEVER see clutter! Where do you guys store things like cameras, video cameras, battery packs, etc.? I have all of our's on a corner shelf in our bedroom and they just look junky! We really don't have a lot of unused closet/drawer space in which to put them. Do I need to bite the bullet and MAKE room out of sight for them?

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Great question. I put the small digital and the 35 mm in a corner of a cupboard in the kitchen. Always available with the kids, kwim?

The video camera with case, battery packs and cords are in the entertainment center.

However, I've never had a home that hasn't had clutter. I wouldn't know what that feels like! LOL Neighbor next door is like that. My daughter went inside and said "your house is SO CLEAN".

Highly motivating for Momma.

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I have a mahogany dresser which has always been in the living areas of the house. It's 44 wide and only 32 high, so it also makes a great buffet when needed. Good for setting up holiday decorations, etc.

The drawers are shallow, so it was lousy for clothing. Perfect for everyday stuff. One drawer has envelopes, stamps, tape, etc. Gift wrapping supplies in one. I keep one hammer, screwdriver and some small nails, as well as replacement light bulbs in another drawer. Bottom drawer has cameras and extra film. Extra batteries.

We don't use the video camera much, so it is on the top shelf in the entry closet.


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NOTE... we are not neat freaks... this just happens to be one thing I have under semi-control. I created a *charging station* in the font are of a secretary that I have in the front entry are of our home. I cut a hole in the back and snaked a cord from a surge protected power strip to the plug. OH... first I took a large straight sided basket that i had and also cut a small hole and suck the cord out of it.. so the power strip is in the basket... so then I hooked up the various chargers to the strip and that is where we all put our cell phones and the digital camera when we come in for the day. That way it's all tucked out of site.. but near and charging when we need it.


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I currently have nine cameras, numerous cases, two flash units, and various and sundry accessories. Only some of it is clutter; I tend to sell off the cameras I no longer use often. Strangely, I do not own a video camera. If I did, however, it would all be together -- which it is -- on a shelf or two of the "office" closet (which is "landscaped" with that white wire stuff).

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Plese get those things put away so that if your home is broken into, your electronics aren't sitting there asking to be taken.

We keep ours in a cabinet, but until we renovated our kitchen/utility/family room, we just kept our cameras, video recorders, etc on a shelf in a closet. And that's all I have to say on the matter. Good luck!

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Mine has a spot in the cabinet but is currently sitting out so I remember to take it with me every Thursday to DS's football games.

I'm thinking that in case of a break-in, the thieves will never notice it in plain sight with the other clutter, LOL.

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Steve O- A man after my heart. I love my cameras.
I have my digital camera in my book writing bag. Yup. Playing at writing a book and taking pictures for it for future references etc. It travels with me or sits on the washing machine (my outgoing pile). It is easily available for kid pics etc.

My other cameras are in a camera bag- one camera and several lenses in each bag with appropriate film etc.

Our camcorder is in the closet and generally pulled out for special events that we might want to record. I sometimes pull it out for a day in the life of... and record our normal day. Whatever-

The point is- they are up and out of the way and yet easily available.

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Yikes - where IS my camcorder??? Not sure, but it is all in this very nice is one of those huge things that you rest on your shoulder!!!! I don't use it anymore, so it should be jettisoned.

Digital - instantly handy - almost as handy as car keys.

I like the charging station explained here - I need to configure something like that..

THEN - I need to get all binoculars and such in some area of certainty.



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I have an e-basket on an upper shelf in my coat closet. The basket contains everything electronic including cameras, flashlights, iPod gear, cell phone gear, "unused" remote controls, adapters of all sorts, extension cords, headsets for airline travel, etc.

You name it, if you plug it in, or if it requires batteries/charging it goes in this basket.

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I have them in my bottom nighttable drawer. They've been there for years and it's one of the few things I can find immediately. The camcorder, though, is in my curio cabinet.

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Charging station. What a good idea! Why didn't I think of that when we redid this house? Things plugged in all over the place. Cell phones still get charged on the top of the mircrowave. I'm afraid to move it to anywhere less visable or I'll never remember to grab it in the mornings.


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