double-hung window painting question

momamamoSeptember 28, 2008

Hi! I've been examining and working on the double-hung windows in my 1924 home. In all cases the tops and bottoms of the windows were apparently never painted. Shouldn't they be? Storm windows were added approximately 20 years ago, I'm told. Thanks for your advice. Maureen

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Tops of upper sashes were almost never painted or even primed, maybe because they never see any weather. Bottoms of bottom sash should always be primed and painted because that's where the water drips off. If you feel like it, you have my permission to paint the tops. Probably a good idea to leave the sides unpainted, because it can lead to sticking, etc.

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Hey, thanks Casey, I know what to do now! Maureen

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I would suggest they weren't painted because no one normally sees them. It's like the tops of interior doors, which are not painted unless they are visible by someone looking down from an upper floor.

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Thanks, Worthy, for your input. I guess that what's been in the back of my mind is concern about rain hitting unpainted wood. There is more damage to the lower parts of the windows on the west side of the house.

I realize that having storm windows changes everything, but I'm really wanting to honor this old place, understand how things work, and give some pretty decent old windows a future. And somewhere else in the back of my mind - it's a small area LOL - is something about leaving some portion of an exterior door unpainted to allow for expansion and contraction. But hey, I could be wrong!

Thanks for your advice! Maureen

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