Installing Interior shutters

gamecock43September 3, 2009

I bought a pair of louvered wooden shutters hinged in the middle. These are the kind that fit inside the window- they are not modern with a casing that is fitted to the window molding. My husband is throwing a fit because he thinks that they wont fit, they will damage our windowsill, we'll have to call a contractor to install them...are they easy to install? I bought them on CL for $5.00 to use in my kitchen window,and will be picking them up tonight.

Can I install them myself? I really want to keep my husband out of it, he's too negative.

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I have shutters in my den & I've seen new wide shutters, they all fasten on side of windows I think 2 screws for each hinge(did it come with hinges- if not buy some same length as were on there so you don't have to chisel out for new hinges. Anyway they attach to sides, maybe your windows are wood all around. No big deal, when you get rid of them fill in the screw holes with wood filler. I did it myself, just put something under them while doing it so you don't get them on crooked. It's not rocket science. Just 4 screw holes on each side of window, or have someone hold them if no place to "let them rest on" Can get them looking straight & put pencil mark in each screw hole so you could start screw & back them out & then put shutter in place so that they are already started & won't slip!! Good Luck!

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