Induction Converts - What Range Hood?

steph2000February 18, 2013

My partner and I have been experimenting with an induction stove top burner while we are in remodeling mode. And, I have to say, we are becoming converts. Cooking on it is a dream. It's fast, so very cleanable and it's so darn safe. We are seriously thinking of converting from gas to induction for our range, though we'd likely leave a gas hook-up for down the road, given my partner is a plumber and can do this easily and cheaply when we do the rough ins.

My question is this. I've been seriously leaning towards doing a wall without uppers on the range wall. Is it going to be overkill to have a stand alone range hood with an induction range? Less importantly, is it going to look goofy?

I ask because I usually see electric and induction ranges used with more discrete venting, i.e., an under the cabinet fan.

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Fori is not pleased

It won't look any goofier to have a free-floating hood with induction than with anything else. Don't worry!

Just hood it like you would any range.

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FWIW, we're renovating our kitchen in April and will be putting in an induction cooktop, and we have also decided to go with no uppers. We picked a 36" glass/steel range hood and our GC thinks it'll look fine and not weird hanging there all by itself. He's been doing kitchens for 15 years and says a lot of his clients have been taking the no-uppers route lately, so presumably he knows what he's talking about when he says the range hood will look fine (fingers crossed!). He's very up-front so I'm sure he'd tell us if he thought we were bonkers. We did deliberately pick the hood to be sleek and as unobtrusive as possible - not sure what a bulkier hood would look like, but then it would probably depend on the rest of the kitchen. Ours is pretty small so we needed to stay with clean lines.

Here is a link that might be useful: Stainless steel range hood

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That's what I have. I chose a hood that is bulky and kinda makes it's presence known.

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This is very helpful. Sounds like this is one area where I am worrying for nothing?

Remodelfta, did you tile your entire wall before putting up that upper to the left and installing the range hood? Or, did you tile after the upper cabinet and hood was already up? I'm trying to figure out how that kind of thing is handled, too.

pealetva - Your range hood style is interesting to me, as the adjoining wall will have a BS window. Might not be a terrible idea to bring some glass over to that other wall. I'm still weighing that out.

Thanks so much!

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We put the upper on first, then tiled, and lastly the hood. Here's a longer shot so you can see how it looks as a part of the whole.

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I put in induction and a good hood - 720 CFM. The steam still rises out of the spaghetti pot, and frying bacon still smells like bacon (mmmmm...bacon!). So it's not overkill to put in a real hood with induction.

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We have almost no uppers. We have a bosch induction and a zephyr hood. The hood has 600 CFM and seems to be plenty for our needs. We rarely deep fry in the house but if I did I think I would want a stronger fan.
I still haven't figured out the backsplash yet so not sure how that is going to go with the open wall but I love the openness without the uppers.

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We used a 600 CFM hood over our induction cooktop. We brew beer and so it's nice to have a hood that will suck the smell out fairly quickly! Definitely not overkill if you like to cook!

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karen... aka burntfingers wrote to me asking about the model of my range hood. It's a Vent A Hood from their contemporary series ZTH. Link is below.

Here is a link that might be useful: range hood

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We have a 36 inch induction cooktop, over which there is a Vent A Hood with a 600 CFM capability, (900 if you believe the Magic Lung marketing). I like it, and rarely use it on it's highest setting. I never deep fry, use a grill pan a few times a month, and it's powerful enough for my needs. I do roast coffee under it, which emits copious and powerfully scented smoke, and it handles it well.


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I purchased a 640 (630?) CFM vent from Kobe for our 30 inch range. We cook a lot. It's currently living in the great room until it gets installed in May. My best guess is we will probably run it on low (340) most of the time. On paper, it should be fairly quiet, though I can't test it because it's hard wired.

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Sorry I lost track of this thread and it went on without me! It sounds like people feel like a powerful hood is still important with induction. Is there a national standard about what CFM pushes the envelope and requires make-up air? I really want to stay away from that...

We will be opening up the space, so smells and grime and noise are all going to be important considerations. I think I'm also going to need a hood that has great lighting, because that wall will have no uppers and the only lighting is likely going to come from that fan. Couple all that with the desire to keep the budget down and I have a big old dilemma on my hands, no doubt.

It sounds like all of you went with induction cooktops but not ranges. We will have a range. I hope I like that option in induction...

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I do have a cooktop, and I love my wall ovens, but one advantage of a range is that the oven is under the hood, too.

I got my Kobe hood from They had good prices, and I couldn't buy Kobe locally anyway.

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