Pantry Fling, posting progress

smom40October 5, 2005

I attacked the kitchen pantry this morning. Two stuffed kitchen garbage bags are going!

It's the place where I 'hide' things from my children so it's not just food and dishes...

I discovered 8 rolls of paper towels that I didn't know that I had. I won't have to buy ketchup for about six months, or pasta for about year! And yep, I'm fully stocked on Christmas sale paper.

I'm seriously trying to get a 'roll' going over here. T-minus 10 days until the inlaws show up...

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good luck w/ that countdown, and congrats ont he progress.

I've been lamenting my kitchen's lack of a pantry; maybe I shouldn't!

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It's like having a purse. The bigger the purse, the more junk you have in it.

I need it to store the basics, but it has this tendency to absorb crap that has absolutely nothing to do with it's intended space. You should see the top shelf at Christmas! LOL

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Smom, I am also working on the pantry. It started with the garage reog but too many things were comingled so the garage played into the pantry.

It's been 8 days now and I work diligiently until 1 or 2am but have hit the wall on this project.

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Sigh.. I flung my pantry about 2 weeks ago but it was NOT my idea. We got Pantry moths ( indian or meal moths) again!!! I just wanted to cry. I used to really be a stock up shopper but now that I am not sure that I have gotten rid of them I am only keeping about 1 weeks worth of food in the house as far as non-canned stuff goes. They got into ALL the stored grains, crackers. pasta... they got into sealed packages.. not just the open stuff.


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Take a break and work on something else. Stare at that stuff for too long and the work turns into a total drag. Go do a chore that is finite and give you a little satisfaction. And maybe a full night's sleep, eh?

My son has been waking me up at 4ish every morning for the past couple of days. Tonight I'm determined to get some Zzzzs...

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Maddie, sorry about the moths--I have had to deal with those buggers too and it ain't fun!

I recently had weevil infestation because I do keep so much pasta in the pantry. I am also changing my shopping strategy.

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No pantry here. :(

But if it makes me fit in the group, I will admit to having little black bugs in a box of Bisquick once. :)

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Ok Julie you are in... totally skating in on the * bugs in the bisquick clause* and don't think PANTRY lalways means a walk in room or a big closet. In my mind a pantry is just the area where you keep your stock of food.


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1 1/2 more garbage bags...GONE! whoo-hoo...

It's not so much the stuff in the front, it's the junk stashed in the back. Pez, jellybeans, tea I don't drink anymore...Buh-bye!

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