Please Show Me Your Real-Life Ring Topped Drapes!

Baroo2uFebruary 1, 2014

Ok, this weekend is my no-fail, do-or-die, no excuses I WILL have FR & MBRM window treatments by Sunday night or perish in the attempt.

However I've been stuck for months deciding between ring tops or back tabs, largely because none of the tutorials give really solid info on how long to make the tabs and how far to space them from the top hem and each other. From past sewing disasters, I know this is crucial info!

So, ring tops it is. I think it will suit the space...but I'd love some reassurance in the form of Drapery Porn! Plus it would delay The Long Walk downstairs to my sewing dungeon. (That's my next room redo)

P.S. Have attached a photo of the window and curtain rod awaiting my sewing prowess, just show you'd have something to look at...

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Annie Deighnaugh

I made these for DH's office

I added the little triangle scarf and tassel to jazz them up a little.

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Wow Annie, those are great--I love the scarf-like detail! Is it attached or hanging on separate, interspaced rings?

P.S. I hate to jack my own thread, but I liked the BM Bone White trim paint you suggested so much, I'd like to carry it through my upstairs hall. Could I trouble you to suggest a few white/off-white wall colors to go with it? The BM white fan deck just boggles my brain and reduces me to a whimpering, indecisive mess!

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Baroo2u, your pic isn't showing up on my moniter (ipad). I just ordered a rod with rings & have been collecting pictures of Ring Topped Draperies to help me figure out where to position the drapery hooks. This is one of the pics in my collection.

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Hmm, I'll try to attach the photo again...

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Annie Deighnaugh

The scarf is on the same clip as the drape.

Bone is already an off white color so the question becomes which color would you like to use with it...even whites have overtones of color be they blue or green or yellow...

It might help you to pick the drapes first and then go from there.

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Here's a back tab:

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