How much would it cost to move or add a kitchen window?

Fun2LearnFebruary 26, 2011

I'm asking for a friend, who is on a very tight budget for her kitchen remodel, and who could get a much better layout if she could afford to either move her kitchen window over 2 feet, or just add another one next to the first. The existing window is pretty small- only 30" wide, and it is not in a load-bearing wall. The wall has vinyl siding on the outside. If you have had this done, or have any knowledge about such things,would you mind sharing about what it would cost? Thanks.

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How do you know that it's not a load-bearing wall? If it's an outside wall, it's most likely load-bearing. This would not be an issue in terms of closing up a window space, but it would matter in terms of the framing needed for a new window. Also, the cost will be affected by any wiring or plumbing that runs where you want to put a new window, so are you aware of where utilities are located in the walls?

Finally, are you asking how much to do it yourself, or to have a contractor do it?

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Hi. I know it is not load-bearing-it only has to support its own weight, in other words- not the weight of the roof trusses - it is a ranch house- because the roof framing runs the other direction--the window is under a gable end. There wouldn't be any utilites to move (the window is above any outlets and no plumbing vents are in the way). She would need a contractor- so I'm talking contractor prices! Thanks.

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Hi Fun to Learn. I am not sure if my answer exactly matches your question. With my Kitchen Remodel I decided to replace my old 30yr casement window with a larger window to attract in more light and better views. (the Contractor basically enlarged the opening by around 3ft w and 1ft H. I bought the window about a year ago for around $700, using the Home Depot no interest plan and paid it off in about 3 months. I had doubts about my choice because it was standard no frills anderson. The contractor that I am using gave me a price of $1750 which included installing the window plus finishing it on the outsie, wrecking out all the old plaster walls, lathe and ceilings down to the beams and rafters and taking down a non load bearing wall to open up my DR and Kitchen into one room. Prices really vary out there so my advice is just keep getting quotes. The less of a hurry you are in the better. I think the contractor that I chose was the least expensive but also the best of the 10 or so I got prices from. I thought this was very good value. It took him 3 days to do the work and he also jutted the window out about 12 inches to create a nice cottagy feel. His work gave me a nice 12" window sill which will be perfect for displaying pots of herbs or such... Plus his handywork with the way he finished everything changed the whole feel of the window. I think it helped that I bought the window ahead and so we were just talking labor. I would send a pic but I am still struggling with posting images. If I can finally get this working I will send you a pic.
Also has your friend considered Craigs List. I have seen plenty of nice windows, used and new at bargain prices. Good Luck:)

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Thanks greenhousems. I wonder if a newer house with drywall instead of plaster would be easier/cheaper to remodel. Your window sounds wonderful. The craigs list idea for windows is a good one--I'm always on there looking for good deals on furniture--never thought to check for building supplies!

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We had to move windows in our remodel. The cost for one double hung, all wood historically matched smaller window from Kolbe ran about $500. The install on just one window also ran about $500 and that included new framing for the header. There were actually four window openings so I'm dividing the cost per opening - it's not completely accurate but will give you a ballpark idea.

We removed and disposed of the old window ourselves and also did our own exterior and interior trim work as well as the exterior stucco repair. We were on a tight timeframe and our installer, a regular contractor with a crew did the spot job for us on the weekend. He didn't charge us more for that but he was not cheap either.

Moving the windows was the best decision we made and the best money we ever spent. Being able to improve the layout was so much more important than cosmetic upgrades and ironically the new window placements became a terrific feature in themselves.

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Thanks, Skyedog--That is a good recommendation for doing it. I will pass the info along to my friend.

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Not sure this will help, but we just moved 3 windows -large 58" casement windows. But there was not enough support under the house to support the kitchen being moved there, so new footers and a beam were added underneath (it's on pilings). House is vinyl siding so that was reused . cost was $2200. My relatives seemed to think this was a VERY good price.


during (also had to raise the left window as it was too low to run counter/cabs under)


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