Where do you put the CPAP?

catbirdOctober 4, 2007

[If you don't know what that is, you don't have apnea -- or don't know you have it.] The DH and I both have to use 'em and I've never come up with a good place to put them. My bedside table has doors on the front, so I have to put the CPAP, the clock/radio, the lamp, and whatever I'm reading at the moment on top of it. DH's has shelves, but they're closed on the back and it's hard to reach his CPAP and to get to the shelf to clean it. Have you found a good sloution? Please share pictures, ideas. TIA

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I can't give you any solutions BUT I was suffering from sleep apnea and went on a low fat diet -- whole grains, lots of veggies, fruit, lean meat. I lost less than 5 lbs and the sleep apnea was GONE! Over. Done with. I was still overweight/obese at the time and I have since lost everything I needed to BUT the sleep apnea was gone at 5 lbs loss.

My dr. said there are studies to indicate that a low fat diet is extremely helpful --- not necessarily weight loss but the diet.

My experience........ might help.


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DH keeps his on his nightstand

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I have DH's set on end between the bachelor's chest and the bed. I have just enough space that it is held securely in position. The bachelor's chest is deep enough that you don't see it unless you are right in front of the unit. The hose is long enough to give him movement.

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I read that you shouldn't put it on the floor.

I think if a CPAP machine was in my life and I thought it was permanent, I'd be so tempted to talk to a custom place about a small bookcase/nightstand w/ drawer and doors to put it in.

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TS, I sits on a Plexiglas box turned on end to elevate it. It's a box that I got with a makeup kit. Worked out perfectly, one of those things that you save for way too long knowing that you will use it eventually LOL.

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DH has his CPAP on a microwave stand that replaced his bedside table. The stand has a good sized top, a sort of towel rack on the side which holds the mask and hose when not in use, a large open shelf, and then two doors into a closed cabinet. This workds great for us.

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I bought two lateral file cabinets made by Sauder to use as our nightstands (not exactly high end, I know, but they serve their purpose.) Dh drilled some holes in the back of his, and it holds his CPAP, hose, and accessories, and keeps them free of dust. The shelves above the locking drawer are handy for books, magazines, tissues, etc., and they keep the top free for a lamp and alarm clock.

Here is a link that might be useful: Antique white lateral file cabinet

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DH has his CPAP on top of his nightstand from IKEA, along with a small lamp and reading material. He has a very small clock (looks like a cell phone) so that fits. The nightstand has three drawers - one for books, one for CPAP supplies and one for stuff.

I'm looking to replace the table lamp with a reading wall lamp, so we'll have more space on both our nightstands.

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Badin, I really like that file cabinet.

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Thanks everyone. Badin: I like that cabinet, too. Thanks for the link.

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You're welcome. Now I will confess - I've bought several other pieces in that antique white collection for our master bedroom and family room. New knobs, ordered online, have made a great difference in their appearance. The extra storage space allows us to keep surfaces clear, too.

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OT, but everytime I see the header for this post I misread it and get my hopes up that the thread may finally answer another burning question:

Where do you put the CR*P?

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celticmoon: LOL! If anyone has the answer to that one, I want to know it, too! Also OT, I've been seeing your name on GW forums for a while now and have just realized that it's celticmOON, not celticmOM. Guess we both need new glasses. ;-)

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Celtic - I thought the same thing!!! Hoping for the ultimate solution.....Heaven knows I can use it...........

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LOL Because I thought the same thing too even to the point to wonder WHO does NOT have Cr*p??? And MY glasses are good. It is my brain I have problems with.

Love that file cabinet. Marked the page.

I hope you solve your CPAP problem. Sounds like some pretty good solutions here.


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When my husband used a cpap I kept it on a cart on wheels that has canvas bins rather than drawers. It looks somewhat like the one at the link. I got it at target and did not pay anything like the price of the one at the link. When I made the bed in the morning, I would just roll it into the corner of the room, leaving the cpap machine on top, and the mask and hose in the top bin.

Here is a link that might be useful: cabinet on wheels

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I have been a cpap user for many years and for the past few years I have been using a plastic box with a hinged top. I cut a hole for the electric chord so I can shut the top and store the machine under the bed without unplugging it. At night I pull it out and place the machine on my bed stand. Works OK but it is a bother taking out and putting away. I am ready to build a custom cabinet and have a couple of ideas. One would look like a regular nightstand the other would be narrower and possibly taller. They could have either side or top access to the cpap equipment. If the end result works OK I am considering building for sale. I would sincerely appreciate any ideas you folks have regarding the features you would like to see on such a cabinet if you were looking for one.



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Ken: My personal preference would be for ones that I could use in place of our nightstands since we don't really have room for more furniture. I would also want the CPAPs completely enclosed during the day so I wouldn't have to dust around them all the time. (Call me lazy.) I still like badin's idea about keeping one in a drawer and have thought in terms of a shallow top drawer for odds and ends, a second drawer deep enough for a CPAP, and a third drawer for the rest of the bedside stuff. The CPAP drawers could be pulled out at night and closed during the day and the radio, alarm, and/or lamp could live on top of the stands. We disconnect our hoses and masks in the morning and leave them on the bed to air out during the day, so the only extra hole needed for the drawers would be in the back to put the cord through so it can stay plugged in. I'm keeping an eye on estate sales and Craigslist hoping to find a pair of night stands of the they-don't-make-them-like-this-any-more quality at a reasonable price. ;-)

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We are looking at a drop front drawer chest (like a small media cabinet only the shelves are covered with the drop front drawer) to store the CPAP (and other crap) for my hubby's CPAP. It should be able to accommodate his machine and then the hose and mask can be placed on the shelf and the drawer closed after he takes it off in the morning. The pieces I have looked at have wire holes in the back that we may need to enlarge for the machine. If this ends up solving the problem, I'll post a picture and details!.

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My sister, who just had a stroke a month ago, also has apnaea. We are looking at several options, as luckily she is on, admittedly the long road, to recovery, and her home. Does anyone have the dimensions of their CPAP machine. We're considering something similar to the one pictured here and were hoping that the opening would fit everything. I'd prefer side pockets as well, but her reach isn't, and was never, great, and am afraid that she wouldn't be able to turn off/on her lamp, with ease. Does the clapper still exist? :) ;) This is a whole new world for me.


website for 2nd pic. http://www.shoppersfurniture.com/media/11/a20791e133861fb559730b_l.jpg

Here is a link that might be useful: buy.com where I found the 1st pic

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