Weird decor trend....Rocks in sinks?!

reno_fanFebruary 21, 2008

I have seen this *so* much lately. I must be missing something.

In several model homes, personal homes and restaurants I keep seeing bathroom sinks with rocks at the bottom.

What the heck?? Why? They don't look all that smashing (to my eye, at least) and they seem to be a pain in the neck if you go to clean the sink. It actually feels strange to wash my hands over rocks in a sink.

Has anyone else seen this?

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I saw it in a restaurant once -- kind of an avant garde / Japanese place. In that setting, and in stark trough concrete sinks molded into a concrete countertop, it looked fabulous.

But as far as living with that - imagine cleaning toothpaste residue and stray hairs. Definitely just for show...

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What a coincidence: we have rocks in our *laundry* sink right now that we picked up hiking and are waiting to be cleaned--is that what you mean? :)

No seriously--what do you mean--can you find any pics?

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I thought I saw a bathroom on here recently with that actually...or maybe RMS...hmmmm...

It wouldn't work in my own home - our bathrooms sinks need a daily cleaning due to make-up, toothpaste, hair & such.

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Not here in my house, all I can think of is "ick" as far as bathroom sink things getting on them and do they eventually mold from the moisture? My kids would have a field day with them...I can only imagine the disaster I'd have on my hands.

They have to be only for show or an upscale restaurant/hotel.

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I haven't seen this, but it sounds interesting. But don't the rocks make the water splash a lot? I have a "fountain" that lets the water stream fall on smooth stones, and the water splashes all over the place. I guess maybe if you adjusted them in the right way that wouldn't happen.

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Never saw that. Wouldn't that dink up your sink? I can't imagine it looks nice.

Ha i'm sure people would leave your house (at least the part of the world i live in) and be like,"did you see the rocks in their sink? What's up with that?!"

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Sweeby, that sounds like a perfect place for something like this. But in the bathroom of a Mexican restaurant? Not so sure. My friend has them in her powder bath. If she had cool, woodsy sort of Japanese vibe, it would look good. But her bathroom is pink, and she has a gingham shower curtain.

I'm afraid I feel like sheesharee!

Here is the only image I could locate.

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We have an upscale restaurant in our area and they have them in their double copper sinks. I think it may be ok in a half bath, but not in a bathroom sink where you get ready and brush your teeth, shave etc. Gross!

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When I was a teenager, one of my good friend's dad was an interior decorator. Her house was over the top gorgeous.

Anyways, in their powder room - they had seashells in their sink. I remembered thinking it was kinda cool b/c my mom worked all the time and didn't really think alot about decor stuff. He had outside lattice painted white on the ceiling and all kinds of different stuff - remember this was a loooooong time ago!! LOL

I guess the rocks in the sink is one of those "Zen" things - kinda like the inside fountains you see in every home decor shop. Being one with nature and all.



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Could be fun for in a guest bath for a party or something, but practical for everyday? - Not likely.

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I haven't seen or heard of it around here. But now will be on a mission to check out all restooms in the Baltimore area!
I can just imagine in my house: our dogs would put their noses in the sink and say "ruh roh- look- Rocks! play play! and take them out one by one and leave them all over the house. and maybe eat a few of the smaller ones (don't ask)
I will ask my DS - He is into zen buddhism and see what he thinks it means. Sue

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I think it's really beautiful, but in a home, it's obviously for special occasions only. I would hope that the stones would get washed as often as the sinks in the restaurants.

The stones can be washed in the dishwasher, BTW, on the sanitary cycle (air dry) in a small mesh laundry bag.

Certainly they can all be given a good sanitary tussle with some vinegar once a day.

I wouldn't use this in a sink where tooth past or serious shaving is involved... hand washing, sure.

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Good grief, if someone has nothing better to do than scrub rocks with vinegar once a day, they likely need something else to do with their life! :-) Personally, I think this particular "trend" is completely insane and was probably thought up by people who have someone else to clean for them. LOL We chucked our rock-filled indoor fountain because the rocks in it got slimy and nasty, even with coughing up for distilled water for it (ah, the foolishness of having the higher income...) and putting tea tree oil (can't stand bleach and vinegar both trashed the copper basin and made the apartment smell like a Massengill douche all the time) in the water, and cleaning all those little rocks every week just wasn't that high on our priority list. We'd rather fool around or something. *wink wink nudge nudge*

Now that said, one of the cooler sinks I saw in some magazine or another (or maybe one of those silly home shows) was a clear resin sink with pebbles molded into it. The surface was ground off flat so that the surface of the pebbles was exposed but the resin filled in the spaces in between the rocks so crud wouldn't collect. Not my personal style but in a modern-style bathroom it would have looked snazzy. Of course I can find the pebble toilet seat, but I can't find the sink.

On the subject of toilet seats, I cracked up when I saw the Lav Nav and just had to share it with the other ladies on the forum... thankfully DH and my exes have all had excellent aim but from what y'all report there are some very nasty males out there! Maybe those of you who are toilet-training males should find one of these. :-)

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I'm thinking of using large diamonds and perhaps a ruby or two for "pop in our guest room sink...I'm sure there must be a bunch of these lying around our house somewhere....

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Never heard of it down South! Sounds like a strange trend to me, not likely to take off. I can't imagine either keeping it clean. Like having an aquarium in your sink??!

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It is a fung shui thing, it helps to keep your energy from going down the drain.

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That's funny, considering how much energy would be going into CLEANING the drain!

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meghane - LOL.

I would probably have been dumb if I'd seen it in a friends sink and asked if she new here kids had put rocks in the sink.

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I think it would be cooler if they also put some baby turtles in there and a few good luck bamboo plants. It would make it more zen. It would be called, "the living sink" - a perfect ecological balance to enhance peace and tranquilty while brushing your teeth.

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I have seen this done in a few model homes around here... always in context of the Zen/Spa bathroom.

My BIL and SIL said a year or two ago they were going to do this, and when I commented on the toothpaste factor they got all up in arms and defensive about it... Funny, I haven't seen stones in their sink yet. =)

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I visited an out of town friend for a week who had rocks (1-1.5 in smooth) in the sink. Washed my hands, brushed my teeth, etc and there was never any buildup on the rocks. It was fun washing my face, b/c felt like I was at a lake...thought it was cool and will try it in my house. I never asked her how often she cleaned them.

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