not really an organizing post..but a salvage one

ronbreOctober 29, 2009

when we had our housefire (2002) we salvaged a lot of stuff out of the old house and then moved into a new double wide farther back on our property and had the house torn down.

we salvaged things like windows, doors, new closet doors, and fixtures and mouldings..we were storing these things in a shed and they weren't really getting used.

well in our new home we had a panel "screwed" over the opening to our hot water heater for access..well it was hard to get off and on..and we have pipes to our new wood boiler in there that we can touch to see if the boiler is cooling down and needs firewood, saving us a trip outside.

well we kept leaving the panel off and it looked downright ugly. so yesterday i went and got one of those bifold doors that we had salvaged and i put it over the opening to the hot water heater and i can just pull it aside easily to check to see if i need to feed the boiler.

I also hauled 5 of the sets of bifold doors over to my son's house, as he will be using them over closets in his basement soon..this also is removing "some" clutter from the shed, giving better access to the things i want to use for the "hollow wall" thread..and is getting the salvage items used up.

oh ..and i stepped in bear scat under our apple tree walking back and forth to my sons with the bifold

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Sorry to hear about your house fire, that must have been very trauimatic. Glad nobody got hurt and you are able to move on, even salvage parts of the original house. Keep up the good work! Did you say bear? Yikes!

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So now we know, not only in the woods.....LOL

Stay safe.


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yeah lots of black bear here..

every time i walk by or use that door i'm so glad i moved in that salvaged bifold louvered looks so much more homey and works wonderfully..needs a coat of paint though..maybe a job for today..raining out

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"So now we know, not only in the woods.....LOL"

Thanks bspofford - You made my day :-)

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