new interior doors in old house

r3ventonSeptember 2, 2012

My house has really tall door openings and ceilings, the current doors that are in house, look old (est house to be approx 1914, but we can tell they aren't original as they do not fit to the bottom of the door and look as though they had small pieces of wood fitted to the bottom as an attempt to make them longer. They are solid wood, but thin and don't seal out noise well.

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And your question is??????????????

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what do you recommend for new doors? Is this something I can go to lowes and get nice insulated (quiet) doors that fit the openings or will I need to go to a craftsman/specialty door company.

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I'd check out the local salvage yards for starters. How tall ARE your doors?

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I could suggest several things, but none of them involve Lowes.
Your doors are probably 7-0 in height instead of 6-8, which is standard. Measure the openings. 84" ??
7-0 will be special order from most door companies so they will take longer and cost more. Shop around.

Good luck!

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We found a great deal on solid wood (not solid "core") doors at a surplus place by us in northern MD. Paid $75 a piece for very solid, tall,thick, wide doors. I had to special order one elsewhere and the company swore to me it was solid wood - our order showed up as solid core, pre-primed (some sort of mdf material) and cost $150. It was not nearly as heavy and solid either. We have been checking the surplus place and our local salvage place for a replacement for that door every time we are there. It will not be staying in the house.

So I would do a search for building surplus sales and architectural salvage places near you. It may take some time to find what you need, but you will certainly not find it at a Lowes or Home Depot type of place. You can't even buy a good door knob at a place like that anymore. They just don't make things like they used to. I guess most people are not interested in living in a home built with any care.

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Take good measurements. Almost any lumberyard or home improvement center can order taller doors for you.

It sounds like your doors were trimmed UP for carpeting and then fixed by attaching the strip or wood to the bottom after the carpet was gone. Or they are original and adapted because the only available doors were too short.

If it's well-done it is a good solution.

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Painted or clear finish (varnish/shellac/etc.)?

If they are painted the repair an be hidden completely with some wood filler and careful sanding.

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So just pull the doors and attach another strip of wood on the bottom but just do a nice job on it... that is the "greenest" option. They are stained right now really dark.

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