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jewels_ksFebruary 15, 2013

I usually have good luck with Ebay, but not this time. I bought my daughter a pair of Miss Me jeans which usually run 100.00 and we got these for 22.00. When we got them they were too short, and I would not have a problem with this except these jeans have been hemmed. I told the seller that I would like the jeans refunded and my shipping refunded. I also told her that if she is selling high-end jeans she needs to disclose they they have been hemmed because it changes the value of the jeans. They are professionally hemmed so there is no good way to take the hem out. She said she will refund the jeans, but not any of the shipping. I told her I am sending a complaint to Ebay and giving her a bad feedback.

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Grrr. Some nerve.

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That is too bad. Certainly, she should have disclosed the fact that the jeans had been altered. If she was any kind of a good seller, she would refund shipping both ways. I don't think ebay will make her refund your return shipping, but they should. It would only be fair since it was not as described. You will just have to ding her where it hurts, feedback and stars.

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Return shipping is actually the responsibility of the buyer although you will occasionally find a seller that will pay it. Just curious, but were all the measurements listed in the auction? That would be one question that should be asked if it wasn't stated in the auction. We're the jeans listed as new?

Original shipping cost, the seller is responsible to pay and if you put in a claim, the seller will be forced to pay it.

Do not forget to send the jeans back with delivery confirmation to get your money back.

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If they were not as listed, the seller should most definitely pay for you to return them. Take it up with ebay, I will bet you'll get them to pay for return shipping which is NOT CHEAP btw! If it were just that you decided you didn't want them then YEAH it would be up to you to pay but the fact that they had been altered should have been disclosed!

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Shipping is never returned that I know of. That's why you have to ask the questions before buying. Live & learn the hard way sometimes.

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I always list the length of the inseam and if the jeans had been altered. I encourage buyers to ask questions before buying, but the jeans should of been listed as altered.

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I gave her a bad feedback and sent a complaint to Ebay. I need to check and see if she gave me a feedback.

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That "shipping is never returned" simply is NOT TRUE! My husband buys and sells on ebay all the time because he repairs computers and often times has to buy computer parts and also personal items and I will tell you that he has only ever had one seller not give him a refund on shipping.

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Sellers can only give positive feedback. Once you send the jeans back with delivery confirmation, you will get your initial payment of the jeans plus original shipping cost returned to you. Next time ask for accurate measurements before you bid if they aren't already listed and save yourself the hassle.

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I'd definitely have given bad feedback "Item not as described".

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How was the item described, I'm curious to know?
Were there any measurements?
I would agree that "altered" or "hemmed" should be prominent in the description -- even the general categories of "almost new" or "used" wouldn't cover that important factor.

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They did not have the length but were 26 waist. She said they were great condition of Miss Me Jeans. No tears, stains, rips, etc. Good pre-owned conditiion.
She also said that I sent her a question about the length of the jeans, but I didn't.

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Well that seller needs to produce that email question that you supposedly asked her. Ebay almost always sides with the buyer.

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