Stainless Steel Sink Garbage Disposal Retrofit

jwf1953September 23, 2010

I have one of those old stainless steel countertop/sinks that are all one piece (the sinks are separate but welded in). I love it and want to add a garbage disposal, but I cannot get the old drain ring out. It has to come out because the disposal has its own ring of course, where the disposal hangs from. I have heat-gunned the bejesus out of the old one and pried as much as I dare on the bottom, but it won't budge. Anyone have experience with these?

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Unless someone welded it in, look from underneath the sink for screw rings around the sink basket.

The exterior is normally threaded and the rings screw up from underneath to pull the basket tight to the sink.

If they are corroded enough they may have to be cut to remove them (and yes it is a PITA in the small space and access under an installed sink).

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