Overgrown kid, now an adult

joyfulguyFebruary 14, 2013

has a vanity licence, "NNOT ME", seen on a snowy road en route to the library this evening!

ole joyful

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O.J. What were you doing on a snowy road at night?! Stay in and stay safe!!!

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Cute. There used to be a comic featuring a family with young kids. The 2 "bad guys" the kids blamed for their misdeeds were "Ida Know" and "Notme."

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That is priceless oj!

It was The Family Circus cartoon jannie. Cute cartoons! I'm such a geek for knowing that off the top of head. How many years ago was I reading that? I haven't gotten a print paper in years.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Love it!!! We're all kids at heart.

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Hi georgysmom,

Bought a carton of native cigarettes, next door to me, some distance south-west of city for my friend.

Attended the senior men's (later retitled "Romeos" - Retired Old MenEating Out) coffee hour at church (which I call "The Old Farts' Club"), in village half way to the city. Washed cups.

Did some stuff on internet on computer in library in the southwest area of city ... during which time it started to snow.

Bought a bag of milk.

Goofed - should have delivered cigs. to friend near far end of city, northeast.

Went to visit my doc, to check blood work, out in country northwest of city, stopped snowing while I went out ... but was snowing when I left.

Delivered cigs to north-east corner of city, took him to store to get groceries, I got some.

Mostly stopped snowing ... drove through city to country library (this one), west-northwest of city, streets some slushy and wet - drive carefully.

Went cross-country, from northwest of city to southwest of city.

Got supper.

o j

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You are just too much! Loved the plate, by the way. And it probably was him...He who doth protest too much.......LOL. Glad you got all that done and remained safe.

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Doc says I'm still in good shape - B P O.K., maybe on edge of being low.

Cholesterol nearing edge of being a bit much ... but not so far.

A couple of visits ago, he said plans to retire in 2013 ... within a few minutes said 2014 ... I asked him whether he was sure that he had it all together??

Next visit, said he should tell me which ... as I felt that I'd have to die first... when he asked, rather shocked, the reason for that ... I said that everyone knows how hard it is to find a doc, these days.

This trip ... he says that he figures to retire ... in 2015!

I got a pair of knee-high pressure stockings two and a third years ago, and a third pair a few months later, about 40 bucks per pair, ten less if one uses their stores's loyalty card. I wear a pair of regular socks over them, to deal with the wear and tear provided by boots.

The medical supply store called a few months ago, to know how my stockings were doing. When, shortly after, I took them in for inspection, she said they were O K, which pleased my frugal heart.

She says that the way that one knows that they're about ready for pension is when the tops get slack, and start to slide ...

... wait a minute ... haven't we been down this road before ... with the under-wear, about whose habits I felt that I needed greater under-standing? About how to hold them up ... when the elastic had developed slackening habits ... stubbornly?

Wiseacres here, usually so capable, didn't provide a lot of help.

ole joyful

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Lololol, ole joyful! In the course of just a few days, I have learned waaaay too much about you. You are hilarious.

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We had a big discussion here about three years ago about what I could do about lower-level underwear whose elastic had lost its stretchi-ness (not to stretch a point too far, I hope).

Everyone advised me to buy new.

I have an elastic girdle, that I can transfer from one to t'other (and replace as required).

o j, o.k.?

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For the newbies here, O.J. is very, very frugal. I thought my DH was frugal but you have him lashed to the mast. Well, maybe not.

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Georgysmom, if he has him lashed to the mast, you can bet it's with recycled lashings! Are OJ's tongue lashings recycled?

Tell the whole story now Joyful, those bloomers were replaced subject to you releasing the old ones held hostage! Didn't your kids burn those rags yet?

Guess we should put out a bloomer bounty. Who's in?

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One (late?) bloomer got replaced.

I was so busy using the others, and figuring out how to make one piece of elastic work for various lower underwear units (that hadn't been "under-worn", one could say) ...

... and not feeling justified in disposing of them, at that time.

At the following Christmas ... son and his lady gave up ... gave me the others.

Actually ... I think that he's only got a couple more, thus far.

Some are getting rather thin, though: best for summer wear, now.

And the original (thin, narrow) elastic has gotten rather old and tired, itself: likes to r3elax and stretch itself out, it does.

I have built some wider and thicker ones, so it gets to sit on the other bed, a good bit of the time.

When I originally asked for the help of the wise ladies here, I'd thought to say that I was having a problem ... but early realized that mine was just a "dilemma".

When when the waistbands of a man's lower undies lose their stretchiness, and tend to slide ... the middle gets caught in the crotch o' the pants ... and the outside slides down about to the knees, which causes a bit of a bind, is about all.

If a lady in similar circumstance has worn one of her nice dresses downtown and suffers a similar fate ...

... now THAT's a PROBLEM!

ole joyfuelled

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