service from BOTH old water heater and tankless water heater ?

elphaba_gwSeptember 14, 2012

Can we have an old style gas water heater (in the attic) AND gas tankless water heater downstairs servicing the same house and gradually phasing out the fixtures (room by room) with end result of eliminating the old gas water heater after remodel complete? ( 3 phases = remodeling hall bath including washer/dryer, then master bath and finally kitchen)

This post has helped me realize that my main desire is to try to do this in phases rather than one job (which I'm sure would be cheaper.) For one reason, the smaller jobs help us evaluate the contractor and decide whether we want to continue using him (he gets to evaluate too). It also helps us keep from having so many "change orders" before job is done as we learn more about our 77 year old house (with pier and beam foundation).

background: I think we are committed to going forward because we LOVE our neighborhood but neighboring homes are old like ours so besides prices being quite high though footprints are small (in center of major metro area), we are afraid we would buy another old home that was in worse shape than ours and would still need to do work.

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I don't really see the point of the title--you replace the water heater completely, it does not mean you have to hook all the water up to it at once. If one room is being remodeled, you just shut off the water to that particular room--no need to have both heaters going at the same time, unless you have money to burn using two heaters when it isn't necessary.

I have heard that with the tankless heaters, there is a longer wait for hot water...but you save money on not heating water all day if it is only needed a few times.

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We don't want to shut off the water when the remodel to the room is finished. We just want to switch the water source . For example after finishing the hall bath, can water coming from the water heater in the attic be switched via the remodel process to the new tankless water heater that will not be in the attic? But still will need the old water heater for rooms not yet remodeled and whose plumbing hasn't been upgraded to copper,etc. Can both water heaters be running at same time?

For example keeping the master bath and the kitchen still using the water heater in the attic because plumbing will not be complete yet that routes them to tankless. So we will have both tankless not in the attic and the old water heater in the attic working at the same time but just servicing different rooms. Can we do that?

I didn't specify since I'm not a plumber but I can't help thinking that main issue is that you need gas going to both water heaters and water from the outside being routed into both water heaters. Not sure if this is possible to do.

Then after 6 months or a year when all rooms are remodeled and have their galvanized pipes replaced with copper, etc. and have plumbing routed to new location of tankless, the old water heater in the attic can be shut down because it won't be used.

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You are aware now that copper is the harder way to plumb a house? There is flexible tubing made from pex, which only requires joints at either end, rather than at every turn? Alternately, that there are now solderless connections for copper piping which are just as good?

And while I did get your point--my point is, at some original point, your current piping hooks to the water heater you have--hook the new tankless to that and you replace the piping to each room as you get around to it--with shut-off valves, there is no need to lose service to each room for more than the time it takes to run the new pipes. And, galvanized pipes are okay unless inspection has shown leaks or you have a big drop in water flow.

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Thanks - think we will do what columbusguy1 indicated and get the tankless installed where we want it and run that back to the piping in the attic. Then room by room, we will re-pipe more efficiently and easily and directly from fixture to tankless using pex. THANKS!

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