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marquestSeptember 19, 2010

I purchased a old house last year and have not explored all the grounds. Although there is only 5 acres with all the vines trees and fallen trees it is hard to get around the area.

Last week my dog drug me....stupid me had the leash wrapped around my arm and could not let go she took off chasing a deer and drug me along for the ride. When I came to we had stopped at this. LOL

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Oh wow, how cool!! Are there any remains from a foundation there also? Or is it just a fireplace freestanding in the middle of the woods? If there was not a house there previously, I wonder what the purpose of the fireplace was. I think you need to explore more!

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No there are no building remains. I get the feeling they used every inch of the property as entertainment. Each area had a focal point or use.

The swimming pool then you go further there is a fish large pond with stone seating. There is a orchard area lots of fruit trees and this appeared to be an area that they just wanted to sit around the fireplace. There was old chairs and table near the area. It is one of those old metal tables and the chairs have vinyl straps. It is amazing that they just had some rust on the legs. They knew how to make quality metal furniture back in the day. LOL

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The property sounds wonderful...can you post pictures? (the more, the better!!) We just purchased an old house, basically because of the land it is on. We only have a little over 2 acres, but there are a lot of very, very old trees, a small bit of woods in the rear corner and lots of different garden areas which I intend to restore. I want to have many seating destinations throughout the yard, in little hidey holes in the gardens and tucked under the 100 foot pine trees. Kind of like how you are describing how your yard is! Your property sounds fascinating and beautiful!

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I posted pics of the front here.


It is a labor of love. I had so much to do I only wish I was 20 years younger. LOL Because nothing was done to the house or the grounds in 20 years my plan was work on the house in the winter work on the grounds in the summer.

patio before (broken concrete)

Patio After (blue stone covered)

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Wow - what an interesting find; the dog probably knew it was there all the time! And I know about wishing to have started on a renovation 20 years earlier.

Your redone patio is outstanding. I remember your lovely house from the previous thread. More pictures, more pictures, more, more....

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