Removed asbesos roof - dust in attic - problem?

cateyanneSeptember 23, 2010

We recently had our old asbestos roof removed and replaced. It needed it for a while and we wondered how we could ever afford removal. As luck would have it a recent storm sent hail our way and the roof got replaced by our insurance co. We were required to get a osha approved asbestos removal co. Which the roofer contracted out for.

Now that all is said and done I have gone into the attic storage areas to retrieve some fall holiday decor and see everything covered with fine particle dust. I am afraid to handle anything in there. And all web sights say not to vacuum it up without approved equipment. Was this the job of the removal co.? Seeing as it's inside the house I wondered. also, is it possible that the dust particles are not asbestos but backing material or just dust from the removal process? Not sure what to do, will call the company with questions but wanted some advice first. Thanks

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It seems to me somebody should have been up in the attic from the removal company BEFORE the roof was removed to cover everything in plastic, at the very least to vacum up afterwards.
I know from having our roof replaced what a mess it made in the attic these guys were suppose to be pros so they should know better!

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"We recently had our old asbestos roof removed and replaced. "

Do you mean asphalt shingles?

While older ones may have used asbestos as the mat material, fiberglass has been common for a long time.

Any shingles with asbestos should not have been able to release fibers since they are saturated in asphalt (tar).

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And under that should have been the rolled roofing, and under that the wood sheathing. The dust in the attic may very well have been the internal dust getting knocked down from the rafters. I have had asbestos remediation but a licensed contractor, and they would be very cognisant if any was expectged to get through to the interior of your house. You were going to ask them, and they'd be able to give you the proper answer.

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