What style is this house?

kimberlymarie30September 3, 2013

This is my house, built in 1928. It is very red brick with white trim. Can someone tell me the style? I've been looking everywhere for a house like it and have come up empty handed! I'm so frustrated.
We are trying to pick an exterior trim color to go with the white windows we inherited and also a color to paint the floor of the porch and the steps. I want something either dark gray or very dark brown. My husband wants lighter gray but I think that would just be blah.
Any help would be appreciated!

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A somewhat better photo

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It's pretty much a standard Craftsman bungalow ... columns on porch with short wall, arched support for porch roof, that little clipped gable over the top window (attic? second floor?).

they often had greys, greens and grey-blue exterior trim.

http://www.antiquehomestyle.com/styles/stylehistory.htm is a good resource

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It's a brick bungalow, but with a british (tudor revival/cottage) accent.

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Thanks for the replies! Yes, the little clipped roof is the second floor. I think that is what threw me off the most when looking for a certain "style".
I want a color that is more earth tone for the trim. The trim looks white in these photos but the trim at the top of the porch wall and along all the windows is sky blue. I would like something that is dark brownish gray or dark slate gray? We are planning on building a cedar pergola to the left of the porch overhang, covering the portion of the porch that is not under roof. We are also planning to replace the old metal railing on the stairs with wood railing and posts. We love craftsman style and I want to emphasize that aspect of the architecture.

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TONS of period paint color schemes!

they were not afraid of color.

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And more

Here is a link that might be useful:

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