Unique bar light situation

alwaysadaylateFebruary 2, 2013

I have a 42" high bar in the basement that is 70" long, and then turns at 45 degrees for another 51". Our ceiling is only 91". I currently have 4 recessed lights above the bar. The first one is 11" from the wall (wall to center of light). The second and third recessed lights are spaced 24" apart (from center to center). The fourth one is 27" from the third. Also, the fourth light is 13" inches from a soffitt that covers our heating system which is only about 76" from the floor.

I want to put the pottery barn rustic small pendants above the bar.

So, the first question is: with this unique situation is it best to keep the recessed lights?

If the answer is no than how high from the counter top should the pendants be hung? Is there a better ceiling spacing? I think 3 pendants rather than 4 but that would leave 41" of the bar with no lighting - on the side of the bar that is 51".

I could post a picture if that helps.......thanks so much!!!

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You have a ceiling that's only about 7.5 feet high and in some places even lower. Personally I would stay with the recessed lights. I wouldn't want the visual interference that the pendents would bring. I am far from an expert, but I suspect it would make that low ceiling feel even lower.

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I'd stay with the recessed lights. I think the pendants would make it feel too cave-like.

I would also paint the walls around the bar and the ceiling over it with matte paint in a deep gray or navy, to make it recede.

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I'll vote for pendants. We have 4 across our 9 foot bar. Bar is 42" high and ceiling 89". Bottom of the lights is 28" above the bar. Have them on a dimmer. Canisters are also on both sides of the bar, on dimmers, so we can create the atmosphere. You can add another pendant for the "winged" section.

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I am not sure how to post multiple pictures at a time. Anyway this is a picture of the 4 small rustic pendants from pottery barn hanging over the basement bar. Excuse the mess and boxes...and the bar counter we are laminating a new color....and that tv really does not go there...and..never mind there are just too many things wrong.:) Just know we are renovating upstairs and down.:)

Thank-you for the above advice. I know recessed lighting probably makes the most sense, but I feel like it looks incomplete. I wish I had taken a picture without the lights, so I could post it.

What do you think of the 4 lights in the old eyeball recessed lighting holes? The one closest to the window seems maybe a little too snug to the wall. I will post another picture of only 3 lights hanging.

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Here's the 3 pendants.

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The 4-light photo posted upside down. I can see that one light is further away but don't know how close it is to the wall. That's something one has to see personally to rationalize.

As previously mentioned, I prefer pendants. Converting cans to pendants should work. Do the escutcheons disguise the can? How is the lighting with only 3?

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