Can we talk closets here?

sapphire6917October 28, 2012


I'm getting ready to convert part of my attic into a walk in closet and I'm trying to decide how much shelving and drawer space to include on the clothes side, if any. I will have one dresser in my bedroom that will hold things like hosiery and underthings with three drawers for my pajamas and 'kick around the house' clothes. I don't think I want to hang up ALL of my other clothes, however, I don't know how disciplined I will be with folding everything either. And I can't think of anything I would put in the drawers.

Any suggestions?

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In my mind....

PJs, underwear, socks and hosiery, camisoles, shorts for summer, all goes in the dresser. Or at least drawers. Sweaters do better folded, I think, because of the 'bumps' the hangers leave in the shoulder.

Other than that, I hang everything, including t-shirts. I can put it on a hanger faster than I can fold it, and no fold lines.

Other things for drawers could include jewelry, scarves, gloves, hats. Configure the drawer based on what goes in it.

Shelves can hold shoes, sweaters, an extra set of linens, hats that can't go in a drawer.


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Thanks Barbara! So far, it's sounding like I probably don't need drawers. I have a space for scarves and my shoes will be stored in a separate space. I don't know think I want to use my hanging space for t-shirts so I will most likely keep the open shelving.

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I would hang everything if I had room! It's so much easier to find.

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Hanging t-shirts is the only way to go. Just cull the ones that you really don't wear/want/need or love before doing so. My daughters hang their t-shirts in ROY G BIV order.... what a great idea! So easy to pick out the one that's right for the occassion! Junky looking work-out or household chores t-shirts are kept in drawers....

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Thanks for the ideas! After thinking about the space I'll be working with, I decided to go with a few rows of open shelving and shallow drawers for jewelry. I figured the shelves would give me the most versatility should I change my mind, which I often do! There will be a drop down shelf right next to them to make the folding a little easier.

I'll be sure to post pictures whenever it gets finished!

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I hang all knits that I wear to work on those clear plastic hangers with the rounded ends. Bulky sweaters get folded, but everything else is hung. Makes it so much easier; no wrinkles. I do have some turtlenecks that I don't wear to work and I don't have room to hang, so they go in the drawers.

My earrings go into ice cube trays. One pair per opening. I use the regular and the small ice cube sizes. Makes it easy to see all my earrings at a glance.

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Ice cube trays! What a wonderful idea, colorcrazy! Ideally, I would be able to have shelves that are on drawer glides for my earrings and rings so that would work perfectly.

I don't believe I will end up with any actual drawers because I would want to just place whatever I fold on an open shelf for easy access.

Does anyone have any ideas on controlling the temperature in an attic closet? Mine has historically been blistering hot in the summer and ice cold in the winter, neither of which is very appealing to me!

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Well, insulation first.

And then extending a heating duct and installing a vent fan, I guess.

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Thanks talley sue! The insulation went up yesterday but, from what I hear from others who have finished an attic, that won't be enough to moderate the temperatures. I will work with my contractor to figure something out but I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas.

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Sapphire, we have a second AC for the attic. It looks like a TV screen on the inside, and the "body" of the AC hangs outside from the facing under the edge of the roof. That way, it doesn't block a window. I am surprised your attic is cold in winter, because heat rises. Do you have insulation under the attic floor that is blocking the heat from rising?

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Hi colorcrazy! I do have insulation in the attic floor. I hadn't intended to use the attic space but it's an old house with a small master bedroom that had no closet so I bit the bullet and decided to put the master closet in the attic. My contractor is going to put a couple of plugs up there so I can use a fan or heater, as needed.

Hopefully, I will soon be able to post pics!

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Comment on the ice cube trays: I have my jewelry stored in thin drawers in my nightstand . . . in the clear plastic containers from boxes of manicotti noodles. Works great.

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