Organizing cosmetics

Julie_MI_Z5October 9, 2005

I have been to two formal banquets in the past 3 weeks. At neither banquet did I wear any of the "fancy" makeup I've been storing, so I tossed it all yesterday morning. If I'm not going to ever wear eyeliner, I don't need it. Ugly lipstick colors, out of here! I'm now left with just the everyday stuff:

Foundation (1)

Blush (1)

Lipsticks (2 colors only)

Mascara (1)

Nailpolish (2 colors only + base coat)

THAT IS IT. I feel good. It all fits in one small cosmetic bag. And I'm happy to report that I found NO eye shadow this time, having already tossed them in previous years. LOL

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I did this with mine a while back. It drives me crazy to have lots of those little compacts with different colors of eyeshadow & blush. I now have one blush & two eyeshadow, plus foundation & mascara. Years ago I pared down my lipsticks to two. I never can seem to do a good job with nail polish, so I don't use it.

I used to use Mary Kay & plan to go back to that. I have one compact that will hold a blush, three eyeshadows, & a lipstick. I loved that. It is more expensive than some other makeup, but I loved having it all together like that.

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Julie, good for you! I did a make up purge back in the spring (I rarely wear anything other than lipstick and blusher) and I was amazed at the incredible amount of makeup I had squirreled away, most if it icky and old. I now have two small cosmetic bags, one for my purse with the everyday stuff, and a small one in the bathroom that includes special occasion only stuff like mascara and two eyeshadows.

Now if I could only weed out my DD's glitter nail polish collection...

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Isn't it amazing how much of this stuff we collect? Just like the clothing, we use the same thing over and over. I don't even have a cosmetic bag anymore, just a plain old zip-lock bag.


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Gloria, what I find most amazing is how much I collect that I didn't buy. I've finally quit kidding myself that I will try the new shampoo samples that come in the mail. I don't use them so they just get shoved in the cabinet. Sure, I could take them on vacation, but who wants to try a new shampoo then and risk having it be awful?!

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Save those samples and donate to your local shelter. The travel stuff we pick up from the hotels works well too since I rarely use what they have (I don't travel all that much anyway) I keep a big ziplock in my bathroom and pluck those items in the bag and when it's got several items we drop it off.


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Gloria, that's a great idea!

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We have a Freecycle person here who asks for those hotel items - and she makes up gifts to send to the service folks in Iraq. What fun it was to do that major first purge and deliver those.

The lipstick bin in my bathroom needs to be purged - into the garbage - yep - not nearly as much of that stuff used anymore. Thanks for the reminder.


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RE: Cosmetic sponges

I found an unopened (but not recently purchased) pack of them on Oct. 9th when I was de-junking make-up. I hesitated to throw them out, and made a deal with myself that I would use them everyday.

Today I'm throwing out the rest of the pack. My mother says they're "important" but I DON'T LIKE THEM!

I'm wondering if I had them just in case my mother ever looked in my cabinet? LOL

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I did this with the move. I actually found powdered glitter back from my disco days! ROFL!

I saved that tiny container because it was hilarious, but I threw the rest of my junk out. I also have a single cosmetic bag in the closet now. And I don't even use it! LOL

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