Not in the plan, but still progress!

munkosOctober 29, 2007

Original plan was to walk through and clear any and all clutter on the main floor, and move it down stairs to be sorted all at once. But..

Friday I got bitten by the bug to rearrange my living room furniture. So I transformed my living room that looked like there was too much furniture and not enough space, into a room that had way more space than we thought.

Even space for 2 bookcases and a small table, beside our chair. Who knew!

Before we had things set up on angles, and we always hid random clutter and junk behind everything. Out of sight, out of mind. Worked great for things we used everyday that the little guy I watch, cant touch.

Now we have shelves. Not a single thing on the mantle anymore. Everything has a place. And there are doors on one of the bookcases, so I CAN feed my clutterbug, but hide it!

Also cleaned out underneath one of our bathroom sinks and came away with an entire garbage bag full of junk!

Now we're motivated to do the rest of the house. Being in the living room is like being in a brand new house and it just drives me now to see the other rooms and their clutter. Time to get moving!

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Sounds like you changed your plan for the better! Now you don't have to go through all that stuff in the basement.

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That's a great start! I'm curious how long it took you to do the living room and also the bathroom. I'm guessing it's a lot less than the time spent stressing about it.

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took me about an hour or two to rearrange things and find homes for new things. And then the rest was a bit of an ongoing process all weekend. But mostly decorative, more than organizational. Bathroom took me a while longer. Moving from a master bath with closet space and double vanities, to a small vanity, more than filled up everything. Lots of cleaning.

Today I cleaned out my hall closet, laundry room, utensil drawers, under the kitchen sink, the cupboard above my telephone desk, and the drawers in the telephone desk.

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Wow! You are on a roll. Please keep us posted on your progress.

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Decluttered pantry, tossed 1 full bag of garbage.
Decluttered the following cupboards;
Above the pantry
Above the fridge
Above the stove
Beside the one above the stove.
Beside the oven.
The plates/bowls Cupboard.

As well as the island.

One more full garbage bag full of junk, and a huuge dump pile of caserole dishes without lids, or lids without dishes. Ancient pre 80's appliances, warped tuperware, tuperware without lids.

Hurrah! Oh, and I did the dishes :) 2 hours and 45 mins of non stop cleaning. And I fed the little guy inbetween too!

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Woooooo --- Hooooooo!! Way to rock the HOuse!! :)

Excellent progress -- and even decorating too! Wow! :)

Well done indeed!!! :)

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