help me arrange this house please!

gigigirl1February 16, 2014

We are under construction and I am trying to get a plan in place so I will know what to do.

Which room is this house would you put the TV and how would you arrange the furniture, and if you have any ideas on how to give better access to Rooftop Deck I would appreciate input on that also.

The pic below shows the layout of the house.

The pics below will show the interior of the rooms so you can see the windows and doors and why I can't figure what room to make the family room and where to put the TV. Please keep in mind we just bought the house and we are under construction so we have no designated rooms for anything yet. Thank you!

This 1st series of pics is what is now the Formal Living Room.

The pic below is showing the corner wall space in the Living room

Pic below showing how the stairs come into the Living Room

Pic below showing how close Front Door is to stairs

Pic below showing front windows that are just 12" or so away from the Front Door

Pic Below shows the side window in the LR

This 2nd series is showing what is now the Family Room, but keep in mind it is under construction. You will also be able to see how it opens into the Kitchen, Sunroom, and Dining Room.
Pic below is what is now the Family Room to the Left is the Kitchen & Sunroom. To the Right is the Living Room.

Pic below is standing in Sunroom viewing Family Room into Living Room

Pic below is dividing from the Family Room into the Dining Room. We removed that arch that the previous people added in around the 70's which we thought would give more of an Open Concept like how the house was orginally. Looking into the DR you can see a door or the right that goes into the Kitchen. We plan on removing this door and closing that space.

The pic below if u look into the DR there is a door on the Left which goes to the Office which will later be a bathroom so this door has to stay. Also to th Left of this arch the Orginal Chimney is in that Left Corner. This Left wall is the divide between the Family Room and Living Room.

The pic below is actually the DR. We moved the TV just to get it out of the way while doing the construction. You can see the door on the right that goes to the Kitchen and the door to the back of the room goes out to the Rooftop Deck. The door to the Rooftop Deck is more that a foot off the floor and they do not have step to go out on the deck. Something will have to be changed with this but not sure what yet

Pic below is in DR. This is the door that goes into the Office which will later be a bathroom.

Thank you in advance for all your help!

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It's so hard to have an open concept and a wall for a tv. If this were my house, I'd think about having the room currently marked "DR" as the family room. This way, you would have some wall space. Another advantage of this set up is that your formal space, LR /DR are together and your casual space, FR, rooftop deck, office, basement are on the other.

I think you need to think about how you want to use the space everyday. How do you intend to use the sunroom? Does it need to be a separate Segregated room from the family room or kitchen, or can it be incorporated differently? Do you grill on the rooftop deck? If so, it might be nice to have the dining right there as shown. Is your rooftop deck used seasonally? Do you have children that need to be supervised when on rooftop? If so, you might not use deck as often.

Could you move the rooftop deck door to the right so that it's in a walkway and you don't need to walk around furniture to access the door? I would consider a door with half glass. I guess this is complicated if you want to add a step up to door. Could the deck immediately outside the door accommodate a step up to deck on outside rather than inside?

If not and the interior step up must remain, I might consider moving the door to the right and put a fireplace on the left of the door with a step up stone hearth that extends to act as the step for the deck. But if you are in warm climate, I guess that won't work.

You new home is lovely. Such nice character.

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Four square homes were never built as open concept. The name "four square" means 4 rooms over 4 rooms. The last thing i would worry about is where to position a tv if a structural engineer hasn't been engaged to make sure the house doesn't collapse with your knocking out the interior walls.

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@ jmc01 - I think the home may be a foursquare but I am not really sure if it is or not. If you read the articles above you would know I did not just go knocking out walls. I did not knock anything out that was structural. I did consult an engineer and a contractor. I would not do something so foolish that could cause the house to collapse especially since in these old homes sometimes the what holds the house up goes from basement all the way through the attic. Thank you for your input I appreciate the feedback.

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@ dily - Thank you for the ideas. I really like them. I like your idea for moving the door to the rooftop deck over. A glass door is what I wanted. I never thought of the fireplace on that wall, but that is a GREAT idea! And the idea for the step up hearth is a FANTASTIC IDEA! I can't wait til the contractor comes cause I am definitely gonna find out if this can be done, I sure hope it can!

The Rooftop deck door is just a couple inches up from the deck so I wish we could move the door down, but that would be too costly to do cause it would involve too much structural work.

The Rooftop deck is only used seasonally and later we do plan on grilling out there.

I do not think the Sunroom has to be segregated, but if I open the kitchen all the way then I will not have any Sunroom you would be walking in the side door through the Kitchen. That's why I am debating about the small addition, but that would depend on the cost factor also. We have a lot of renovations to do in the house and I will not be able to do them all at once, but with a plan in place I can tackle each renovation 1 at a time.

And I'm guessing you are thinking keeping the living room as a living room?

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