Interlocking window weatherstrip question

rjs20September 8, 2012

The windows in the house have interlocking metal weatherstripping, similar to this, but the some of the sashes are loose in the grooves in the sides of the sashes. Is there a way to make them fit better? Otherwise the windows are in good shape.

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My 1908 house has that in all the windows--except the ones I stupidly removed it before figuring out how to take it out for reuse. Several of mine were a little loose--but when the sash lock was used, they tightened up. If your locks are fitting right, you should be okay....

I haven't had to try this, but what about placing a piece of that bulb-type weatherstripping in the groove--or a piece of felt--maybe even duct tape!?

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When I install sash that are already loose, I use a heavy cardboard (Ramboard) under the metal as a shim. If the frame is wider at the bottom or middle, you can correct that situation with shims too.
I learned about paper shims under metal weatherstripping on the first old house I worked on (weatherstripped in 1943, according to the workman's signature!)

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