How do I use a Lame??

rogue64September 3, 2012

Greetings Peoples!!!

Okay, From what I've read... and experienced... You need to "score" bread before baking. The problem here is that the scoring process takes place *just before* shoving the loaf into the oven...

So??? When I do it then, 75% of the time I end up with Flat Loaf!!!!

Any tips or techniques out there to solve this problem???


Tim :)

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Gently...and quick...rather like ripping tape off a wound...
but if your loaf is over proofed, it CAN collapse.
I use a box cutter....or when the blade gets rusty, I go to a double edged razor blade.

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And.....use the lame v-e-r-y c-a-r-e-f-u-l-l-y, especially when taking off the safety cover.


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Slice quickly on an angle and no more than 1/4" deep. Most problems come from over risen dough, the slashing is too deep, or a dull blade causing drag and deflating the dough. A lame doesn't last forever - when it's dull get another. They're cheap.

With some practice you can develop your own personal decorative style of slashing.


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I use oiled scissors, and cut tiny slits. that seems to work pretty well. If you have too much friction between the dough and the blade, it's a disaster.

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Scissors work well, even without oil for many recipes.


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A sharp thin lame helps. I use a double edged razor threaded on to a wooden skewer. This gives it a nice curve and it's easy to replace the blade when it starts to lose its edge.

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I f you will follow the link below you will find a forum with all the info you will ever need for breadbaking. There is a scoring video made by David, one of the members , that will explain everything.

You are over-proofing your bread if it is collapsing on scoring. To get a clean score you can spray lightly with water and it will go right through the bread nicely. You should barely be able to discern the cut and it should be at a 30-40 degree angle.

All of the above will not help you till you solve the over-proofing...go to this link and enjoy ! c

Here is a link that might be useful: The Fresh Loaf

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