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lsjtcOctober 18, 2006

Could anyone please help with which closet company you went with? This is getting to be overwelming! The all look great with great ideas and I am so confused and tired of looking. Thanks for all your help.

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I wish I could say who was better but honestly the prices they charged given the quality of the product seemed underwhelming at best given what they charge!.. If you have access to it.. the Ikea closet stuff was much better priced, versitle and easy to put toghter. Alas Ikea is 2 hours from me and when I was ready to do my project I was ot in the mood to take the kids on a two hour trip to figure such things out.

For the record I went with Pantry cabinets from the Mills Pride 4 Seasons line.. and hanging space from the Rubber Maid closet system. It was very nice since you just had to mount 1 very sturdy track on the wall TO THE STUDS and then everything else hung from it. It was very easy to use and there was no cutting involved.


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I have had experience with California Closets in two homes and currently used Portland Closet Company ( because it wasn't a chain) Prices were comparable for a fully built in closet but the designer I was given at Portland Closet Company was amazing! we arranged the closet the way I get dressed in the morning and everything goes so smoothly.

I even have a nook for my cat and a window seat for me. It's not cheap but it's a luxury that you will adore every day of your life. The way I see it it's the cost of one really nice vacation but I have it everyday. It's like walking into a boutique where everything is my size and my taste.

Here is a link that might be useful: more of my dressing room

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lsjtc, I have the same question. Right now I'm leaning toward the Ikea Pax system. I love the adjustable/swap out system but there are a few things I'm not crazy about. I'm also considering DIY with putting in our own adustable pull out shelves and drawers (and rails.) It's all so confusing. The Ikea is fairly inexpensive and we'd be more likely to get it done in a timely fashion. Like Maddiemom6, our closest Ikea is 2 hours away and I'm not looking forward to the purchasing trip. The stuff is really heavy (one of the things I'm not crazy about.) We brought a small bedside drawer unit to my daughter at college and I couldn't believe how heavy it was--I can't imagine how I'll handle 7' closet frames (boxes).

You can check out the Ikea stuff on their website.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ikea closet systems

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Movingwest!... WOW!!!!!!! what a closet!.. you have more clothes in there then I think I have owned in the last 10 years!.. What a fun room!


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thanks maddie, it's like having my own boutique and everything in it is my size and my taste. my cat even has two little nooks - one for her water fountain and another a sleeping basket over the heating vent.

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Am doing my own closet using pre-drilled side panels and shelving from Home Depot. What I am looking for and cannot seem to find is the angled metal bracket that goes on the back wall and the panels hang on it. You see this kind of bracket or metal strip used with some of the professional closet companies. Does anyone know where I could purchase it? You can see a picture of it on the "Easy Closet" site. I don't know how to import pictures into this text, or I would have put it here. Thanks in advance for any info.

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If you are a natural-material purist like my DH, the only solid wood closet system we found was from It was $440 for 7-10ft-wide closet, which is very good for solid oak system. We have been using it for three months.

Pros: Very durable and sturdy. Simple but quality look is timeless.

Cons: It is bulkier than other system, thus not the most space-efficient. Installation took twice as long because it is a solid hardwood.

Here is a link that might be useful: Solid wood closet system

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We used Cal Closets and were very happy w the product and service. Decently priced too. But they do not do closet doors or any customization, so choices are limited.

The IKEA systems are nice looking but we have zero tolerance for anything that is DIY. Won't do it. Period. Too bad as that often means things that need to get done never do. UGH.


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Hi All,

Am a first timer here, came to look out of curiosity & this thread caught my eye. I've been thinking abt doing this as I have quite a large but totally inefficient closet (double barred, front to back, a very full front bar means I can't access the back bar at all, so much of my clothing stays on hangers on the closet doors, yeah that's useful (sarcastic) ... cluttery looking too).

As I'm working on decluttering (am serious amateur plant collector 180+ plants) & quilter, I've abt hit the end of my patience w/ the clutter.

So ... I'm thinking abt redoing the closets, unless I win the lottery it's DIY only. Was recently in Bed, Bath & Beyond, saw the system they offer called FreedomRail. Looks pretty doable & versatile, I'd just need someone to help me set the foundation which is the horizontal rail(s) (need someone to drill for me). Anyone have experience w/ this system?

Since the closet is approx 36" deep (& abt 60" wide), there's a lot space being wasted. Seems much more efficient to put 1 long rail (bar) across the back & then short rails along the 2 sides, maybe one side having an upper & a lower, so I could hang, say skirts on the bottom & shirts on the top.

Then of course, the enormous work of emptying the closet & going through all the clothes (decades worth, yikes). Makes me think I should take a couple of days off from work to do this.

Anyway, anyone have experience w/ this particular system? Thanks in advance.

(PG) Karen

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My SIL had 2 closets done by California Closet. She really likes them but thinks they cost too much money.

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I just used Closet Maid's online system for two closet designs. Ours in our new master bedroom and my 2 year old twin's room. For $5 per closet they will design it all for you- send you a few choices and then you can go to Lowes and pick up what you need.

I was going to do the Pax system from Ikea, but it would still be comparitively expensive, about $900 for our closet. And we are at the end of building our new house and I am being cheap! I am assuming Closet Maid will be cheaper and I love that someone else can design it for me.

Closet Maid also has a higher end line like Cal Closet, but again, I am being cheap and going with the wire line.

Here is a link that might be useful: Closet Maid

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