IKEA Farmhouse Sink- Pics & Opinions please!

aggiemomma2boysFebruary 22, 2009

Ok, REALLY want a Farmhouse Apron-front sink for my brand new kitchen. But I have a $300 sink allowance. After reading this board I found the IKEA sink for $313, which is very doable for my price range. BUT...I'm worried about the quality. I've never been to an IKEA store or owned any of their products...the closet store is over an hour away.

If you have an IKEA farmhouse sink...Do you love it? Would you buy it again if you had it to do over? How does the quality and finish hold up?

PLEASE give me your opinions and pictures!! THANKS!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I've seen the sink in the IKEA store and it seems quite sturdy. One of the things I like about it is the area behind the bowls -- since the sink is full counter depth, it would only require that the counter butts up to the left and right edges -- no special sink cutout required.

Note that it has the single hole for the faucet, which limits other installed faucet options such as filtered water, hot water, soap dispenser, or separate spray.

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It is very difficult to say what the quality is. Is it porcelain coated cast iron...if it is, it probably is pretty decent quality. If steel, plastic, fiberglass, or some sort of composite, i would keep looking.

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I would suggest you go to ikeafans.com and ask the same question. It's a site, with no connection to IKEA, that is dedicated to those using and modifying IKEA products and the kitchen forums are especially active. You'll get a lot of answers and opinions there, I think.

That said, I think the sinks look good, solid and well made (I installed an IKEA kitchen, though I did not use an IKEA sink, last year). I've heard good things about their bathroom sinks too (which are remarkably inexpensive).

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It is fireclay.

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I have an Ikea Domsjo single bowl sink in my 2nd/rental kitchen and a Rohl Shaw's original in my main kitchen. I love them both! On one level, I love my Ikea even more because not only is it a farmhouse sink that does the same job of a Rohl, but also, and unlike the Rohl, it's been so forgiving budget-wise! I apologize that I don't have a photo for you at this time, but I highly recommend it!

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Is it a good idea to drill an additional hole in the sink? I"ve seen it done on Ikeafans. I went to Ikea today and poked my finger in the hole and to either side are depressions which seem to be an invitation to cut more holes. . . the sink is heavy and sturdy, I'm going to buy one. The single hole thing is just driving me crazy because I really don't want a faucet with a sprayer in it, I want it seperate. . .

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I know Ikea's stainless sinks are DESIGNED for you to make your own holes, so I would imagine their clay sinks would at least be forgiving of it. I would say call an Ikea store and talk to the kitchen department, and ask them.

Carla in Sac

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I asked in the kitchen dept. and the woman was unaware of the depressions on the underside of the sink and didn't recommend cutting them. . .

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I don't know if drilling a hole is a 'good' idea, but it's doable :) I was, coincidentally enough, just researching this very thing. The single hole drives me crazy too...

aggiemomma2boys - I found lots of info on this sink and most of it has been positive so far. One owner managed to chip the edge of the sink after dropping something on it, but other than that the reviews seem to be pretty positive.

Here is a link that might be useful: Adding holes to the Domsjo sink

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We drilled an additional hole into an IKEA bath sink a couple years ago and it worked great! Put painters tape down and drill over it to prevent nicks and splintering, and buy a bit that is just the size you need. Go slow and you'll be set.

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wow, sounds good. at least a few people have done this on Ikea fans

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I have the single Domsjo, and love it. If you get the single, it has punch outs so that you can add holes. I added one for the airgap, and it was very easy (once I got the nerve up).

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The people next door have a Domsjo and like it. They also drilled out two extra holes and it looks great - after two years.

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I love the Domsjo sink and I bought one for the house that we are building. Unfortunately through many design changed and choices it is not going to work out and instead I am using a stainless farm sink.

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I am thinking of buying the single domsjo sink and my granite guy got me all nervous last week - he said that they yellowed and cracked over time. So I asked at Ikeafans and was very, very placated by the responses. Lots of folks have had for a while and love.

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Can someone tell me how many punchouts are under there? The lady at Ikea didn't even know they were there and we could only feel the one closest to the faucet hole with out hands (too close for a spray really)

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The single has two extra punchouts, I think. The double doesn't have them, but in any case, you can carefully drill your own where you want them.

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I have had one for three years -a single bowl - LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!

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I have had the double bowl farm house sink in my home for 5 years (about $310). I keep bleach and CLR close by. A banana peel actually stained the sink, and no matter how many times I treat it, it comes back, sort of like a carpet stain. Also picked up some minor scratches that I have not been able to remove. But all in all, it's a terrific value and I would buy it again. In fact, I just bought a single bowl (picture) for a rental across the street (under $200). Ikea should make a 'California' model with at least TWO holes. IF you have a dish washer, California requires an 'air gap' be installed which is sort of a trap in event the drain for the DW gets plugged, it over flows into the sink. I drilled the sink using a brand new diamond bit hole saw (1 3/8' diameter plus, separately purchased an auto guide hole saw arbor) both made by Ridgid. Cost: $40. Not bad, but took some work--plus I voided the sink warranty, if that matters. The white faucet is Ikea also, about $90. Using it again in a fixer I just bought in Honolulu. Since no Ikea exists in Hawaii, I intend to ship sinks and faucets to the contractor. Drum style light fixtures too from Ikea-- two sizes --16" diameter--$39, 11" diameter, $29. I used throughout the house except bath rooms, where I used vapor proof jar style with metal guard, $22 at Lowes.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ikea Single Bowl Farm House sink

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We love our sink! And loved the price! The size is amazing. Photo is before backsplash.

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