Paper 'Display Rails'

Maura63October 23, 2006

I used these, once upon a time, in a classroom. Now I am considering buying a "display rail" for home use, and came across two to consider:

Hold-up Display Rails

TrapEase Display Rails

(Link provided below)

Aside from the price, I can't really tell the difference between the two in terms of function.

If you work in an office or a classroom, and are familiar with these products, could you advise as to which you like better and what their differences are? Or, if you use something similar, please let me know that too.

As always, thanks for your help.


Here is a link that might be useful: Display Rails

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Oh -- and also -- If anyone knows of any retail office supply stores or art supply stores that sell these individually as opposed to bulk, I'd appreciate the lead! (Although I'm pretty sure they "bulk" would be put to use.)

Thanks again :-)

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They seem like an interesting idea. Are you hanging your own work or kids or does it have some other use?

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Here's my train of thought -- hope it is clear! (I ended up ordering the 18" size. It has not arrived yet.)

Currently the side of the fridge (our "command" center) holds a large calendar, grocery lists, invitations, chore reminders, etc. (I am pretty picky about what can be hung here. It has to be very short-term. It does not hold sports schedules, or lunch menus, or school contact info, etc. That is stored in a binder.) The calendar is filled in at the beginning of each month, but never updated to reflect changes, additions, etc. So I decided I don't really need the large calendar. (DayRunner, 15" x 12", and in a world without technology, I would only ever own this calendar.)

Here's why.....

I am a Palm user, and using both (paper and Palm) has become unnecessary. All calendar events are updated daily on a Palm program, and every Sunday I print out a Week-at-a-Glance (my own word version) and post it on the fridge. Then, family members update this as needed ie soccer practice time and location may change from day-to-day, or a meeting may get canceled, or one of the kids may need to bring something special into school. I encourage all of this info/changes to be added to this single piece of paper. I also ask the kids to add upcoming tests or long term projects that are due. It also reminds me to ask about how the test went, etc. This has been very successful for us.)

Anyway, I thought I would do away with the large calendar and streamline this "Weekly" schedule along with various lists that I use, to fill an 18" space, using one of these rails. I realize magnets serve the same purpose, but I am seeking the "visual calm" on my fridge. I purposely selected the 18" size since I will continue to use Talley Sue's system for time-sensitive papers with the remaining 10" space. (I can never mention enough how much TS' system has helped!)

Since these rails come in a set of six, I will use another rail beneath for kids' awards, drawings, etc. (stuff that is not time-sensitive but is worthy of displaying for a week or two).

I like the idea that papers can be added and removed without disturbing neighboring papers....I like the "no magnet" look....and that the papers will be in order....

We'll see!

Maura :-)

Here is a link that might be useful: I hope I won't miss my Day Runner....

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These just arrived. I opted for the "Hold-Up Display Rails"

The only thing I wish is that it was sold in an "assortment set" with various sizes, instead of all one size.

But, already I love it!

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Maura...I've got some questions about the rails. They do look helpful.

How is the Hold Up Display rail mounted to the refrig? Magnetic?

If you had a long rail, how could you open it to insert something without everything else falling out?

If it opens and closes like a clipboard, how is it possible to hold thick and thin things together? Seems like the thick things would hold it open so the thin papers fall out.

I guess I don't quite understand these. I use the maprails at my school.

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The only size with magnetic backing is 12". I have the 18" and it has a very thin (strong) adhesive.

The rail is plastic (see-through). It does not "open" and "close". There is a flexible, soft-rubber "gripper" feature (behind the clear plastic rail) that allows for adding and removing papers without disturbing neighboring papers. I like the see-through feature - it's as if (visually) there is nothing holding the paper to the fridge.

I've "tested" a few sheets of paper (maybe 4 or 5) and the thickness does not affect neighboring papers (due to flexible rubber, I suppose), but generally mine is holding single sheets, side by side.

Hope that helps!

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Sounds like it might be good for Christmas cards. Would the adhesive pull paint off the walls if you put one up for a season, then take it down?

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I'm not sure if the adhesive would pull paint off the walls. (My guess, is yes, since it is a strong adhesive.)

I do think these rails are meant to be "permanent" since another mounting option is screws.


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