Anyone use FreedomFiler?

dawngOctober 18, 2006

I came accross this on the net and wonder if it is a waste of money or something. I really don't get how it works other than container dividers, etc. Is anyone familiar with this?

Here is a link that might be useful: FreedomFiler

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Never saw it. But I do want to redo my cabinet with new inserts, etc. My folders, dividers, etc are going on 18 years old, and so I dread filing, it's so shabby.

Every time I watch the Clean Sweep guys update folks with new folders, etc, I know I want to do it.

I think I'll do it as a rainy weekend activity this winter sometime.

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That looks pretty expensive for a set of file labels, especially when you still have to buy the folders. $50 could buy more color-coded labels AND folders than you would probably need for a home system.

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I thought the price was rediculous too. Thus, I thought there must be some profoundly wise system that goes along with it. Supposedly it is recommended by many professional orgainzers. Or... maybe that is fluff/advertising mumbo jumbo.

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Those are some very over-priced labels!

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File and box not included? Do they provide glue on the labels at least?
Yes Dawng there is a profundly wise system that goes along with it. Its called "making a large profit while selling almost nothing"
when I first read it I thought there was some kind of catapult system in the box that booted out anything filed before a certain date. we could use that in our office.

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