replacing k&t light fixture wiring

civ_IV_fanSeptember 19, 2011

Nearly all of my house's wiring is updated except for k&t running from the switches to the light fixture. Now this is perfectly safe as we all know. However, I would like to add some insulation to the attic and that means taking out the K&T for the second floor light fixtures.

Note that I have no attic access.

What is the best way to replace this wiring with minimal damage to the lath & plaster? I am primarily concerned with how to fish the wire from the ceiling to the wall cavity without making a giant hole at the wall/ceiling intersection. I do not have crown molding in these rooms.

How have some of you all handled this certainly fairly common task?

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Civ, from my electrical book, I don't think you can avoid making a hole--but it doesn't have to be big--a couple inches should do it.

Sort of confused by the statement 'no attic access'...if so, how are you adding the insulation?

In my bedroom, they added a switch for the light by using wire channel--metal 'tubes' which are surface mounted to the wall/ceiling--not a great look, but it can be painted to match the room. The second bedroom has no light, but the electric outlets were run the same way just above the baseboards.

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yeah, i know there needs to be a hole, i'm just thinking about the size it would need to be to accommodate a drill, considering what it might be like to get around the top-plate.

i have two gable vents that I think can be used to blow in insulation.

i have some wiremold in another room, i don't really like the look of it if it can be avoided.


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You do not need a hole large enough for a drill, just a longer drill bit.

24 inch ships auger bits are how you get through top plates from below.

You go through the wall at a shallow angle and then through the top plate from below.

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brickeyee -- so you are saying you can get by with just the long auger bit and not need to take out a chunk of lath and plaster, right....that would be remarkable. do you use like a 9/16" bit?

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