Kids clothes - weekend challenge

Julie_MI_Z5October 22, 2005

My goal this weekend is to drag DH-14 in his room and get him to clean out his t-shirt drawers. He's at the age where he wears white t-shirts under regular t-shirts, so he has a bunch. I hope to purge some raggedly looking t-shirts (even if he objects, I'm pretty sure I can do it discreetly) and get rid of t-shirts he never wears.

ALL his white t-shirts are going in the garbage. He's been wearing them to football practice for months, and the ground-in dirt from the practice field defies bleach. I have a new 6-pack of white t-shirts to bribe him with.

Anyone up to the challenge and want to join me?

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Agggh, I don wanna!


Seriously, okay...What I really need to do is purge the stuff in my son's drawers. The closet is fine. I just have to do the 'it doesn't fit or won't be used next spring' weeding. I have his winter stuff ready to go and there is no room for it. The drawers are jammed.

I promise to do this at some point before Monday morning!!

However, I have a bigger priority this weekend. I have a boatload of mulch (literally) on my driveway that needs to be spread. I have a flowerbed that I'm widening that needs to be dealt with (including having my DH rip out three bushes that I hate with my entire heart). In order to do the former, there are some perennials that I need to cut back. Unfortunately, we're not at the 'it's winter, hack it all down' place. That's easier.

The latter? The lazyman's lasagne gardening technique. Laying down layers of paper, then organics, then a bunch o'mulch and let Ma Nature and her worms break it down between now and spring. I had to stop because of the rain, and it looks like hell, only half done. Need to finish it. It's in the front of my house. I have the stuff, I just have to do it.

We also have to get our Halloween decorations out and buy massive quantities of candy!

Coffee. More coffee...

But I promise to do the drawers.

*cross my heart*

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Well, I don't have any kids, so I guess it's other stuff for me. DH will be away for a while. Our town is having a fall festival. DH is a Civitan & they're selling hot dogs, which he'll be helping with. He should be back around 2pm.

We really have to look at our heating unit. Our repairman told us why it quit working last spring, but it didn't look like that to us when we cleaned it recently. Granted, neither of us is an expert in heating/cooling, but when someone tells you that something is working because one of the major parts is "rusted out", I would think that's fairly obvious. After talking to some other people, I've found that there are several complaints about this guy. He told us we had two choices: replace the entire unit, or spend $1,000 on this one part. So we're going to troubleshoot it ourselves before calling another company to get an opinion. If it does turn out that his diagnosis is correct, I'm going to ask the manufacturer to replace it. This particular part is still under warranty. This is the second major (expensive) problem we've had with this & it's only eight yrs. old! But enough of my rambling.

We're going to look at that & then do miscellaneous straightening up, cleaning & decluttering.

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I don't need to do the challenge, but I'll cheer you on.

This is one of those parts that Flylady says the family will get on board given enough time. Now, after three years of consistently purging their outgrown clothing, there isn't much of a problem.

I keep a bag in the laundry room and they know to just put anything in there. My 5 year old doesn't like to let go of his outgrown stuff, so I just pull it out when I do the laundry and don't let him see tehm.

smom--I did five new beds this summer the lazy way. I just used our household kitchen waste and luckily I have tons of leaves. They have worked out great.


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Flylady has not met my VERY STUBBORN family!

Do you think I could send them to her for a week, sort of like one of those reality TV shows? LOL

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FIRST SIGN the challenge isn't going well: My 14 year old son isn't available this weekend!

Last night I went in thinking I could at least purge the grungy t-shirts on my own. How long since I've been IN his room? I'm thinking weeks. I found 3 t-shirts in a drawer (where are the rest?) then was distracted by cobwebs and trash. Filled 2 grocery bags, then decided to wait until DS is home long enough to get some Quality Time With Mom while we re-learn important lessons about trash cans and what we use them for.

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Step one, clean the path on the floor to the drawers! LOL

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smom40, you must have a son if you know about the "path".

Actually I think that's why I was taken by surprise... he had been keeping the path clean so I hadn't looked too closely at anything else.

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He's only four. LOL

However, I had a niece that was like that. When it came time to put in all new windows in that home, the ONLY window that couldn't be measured was the one in her room becasue the guy couldn't get to the window! @@

No joke. They just 'guessed'. Glad that it fit!

If you can pull out two trashbags full of junk, the room has to have a path!

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We have the path thing too. It's all toys. I'm trying to purge clothes. It's hard. The 5 yo wants to either the outgrown clothes I've set aside for the 3 yo or he goes for the too big clothes that I bought ahead. I bought him a green shirt to wear with his Halloween costume. I knew it was possibly too big when I bought it, but I figured I could let him wear it that one night and then put it away for next year. No such luck. This six weeks his kindergarten class is wearing green one day a week to symbolize responsibility. DS has at least three green shirts that fit. Guess which one he wears every week? Dh says let him wear it. I wonder what his teachers think.

I did manage to remove four bags of summer clothes from the room. I threw away everything stained or that I hated. It left a little room, but we seem to be filling that right back up because the winter stuff takes up so much room.

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