Strike - While the Iron is Hot!

des_arc_ya_yaOctober 1, 2009

Sometimes you just HAVE to! LOL I cleaned out a closet of mine yesterday and got out, get this, SIXTEEN hangers of clothes! Had planned on putting all of them in my flea market booth, as they were still nice clothes.

Thought about them off and on all night and realized that, if I did put them in the booth, they would still be where I could see them and be mentally smothered by them.

Got up at 5:00 this morning and started folding them and putting them into bags to take to the thrift shop as donations. I already feel lighter and my kitchen table sure looks it, too! LOL

Word to the wise - if it's bothering you, don't half-step it - get it completely gone!

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That's great and agree with you. I always bring the stuff that I want to get rid of the same day. If it is laying around I may have second thoughts or it will get piled up in the garage.

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You did a good thing. I can't leave stuff like that in plain site either. I can usually divorce an item, but dh and the kids are bad about bringing it back into the house.

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Thanks, you guys. I'm REALLY trying to declutter and get rid of things in this house. It is unbelievable to me just how very much STUFF we have! Ugh!

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Yes, the secret is to get things all the way out. Trash to the trash can, donations all the way to the charity,etc. No half-way like leaving things by the front door or in an attic or garage. That's my real nemesis. Get it aLL THE WAY OUT OF YOUR LIFE!

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Great post! I don't have a problem getting rid of stuff, but occasionally come up with stuff I'm just not sure about. It's usually something that I know I could get a few bucks for in a garage sale, or maybe e-bay. I put the box in my kitchen right in front of the sliding pantry door. After about three weeks, I'm so sick of stepping around it, I can't get it into the car fast enough! At that point it's a goner.

Some of my friends will see the box sitting there and know why. They'll ask if it's ready to go through and see if they find any treasures.


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I concur. Congratulations.

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Get it ALL THE WAY OUT OF YOUR LIFE! Wow, I think I'm going to print this as a banner and put it in the garage next to the biiiiig pile of boxes that are bound for Goodwill...!!

Thanks for the inspiration!

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Hey, you're welcome. I strive to please! LOL (Yeah, right!)

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