Shoe Shame

Julie_MI_Z5October 21, 2005

I have various pairs of shoes for work that I wear weekly, except for one pair of pumps I have designated "weddings & funerals only". I HATE SHOE SHOPPING, and I'm hard on shoes.... Saving a pair for "good" means I have a nice pair to wear for a more formal time.

I meant to take my black wear-to-work pumps to have them re-heeled (I really shouldn't drive in them) but waited too long. They need to be thrown out.

Unfortunately, these are the 2.5 inch heels that fit nice with almost all my dress pants. Do you THINK I could find another pair of 2.5 inch heels that fit? NO! I do NOT have pointy toes, and refuse to wear shoes that point out 3" past my toes. Wednesday I bought a pair of 2" heels hoping they would be close enough. I have 3" heels but they're definitely all wrong for pants.

I hesitate to the ugly black ones out before I can replace them, but it needs to be soon.

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I have very narrow feet and it's very hard for me to find shoes that fit. I actually don't mind shopping for shoes, I just rarely have any success. It's easy to find sneakers and casual stuff, hard to find a comfortable fit in the dressier styles. When I DO find something that fits well -- especially with pumps -- I buy two pair of the same shoes. That way, when the first pair wears out or has to be repaired, I have the second pair to fall back on. It's eliminated a lot of frustrating shopping trips.

Good luck finding the right pair of 2.5 inch heels -- they have to be out there somewhere *G*.

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Julie, ask the shoe repair place; they could maybe replace the WHOLE heel instead of just the pad. It might not fit exactly the same, but it would be close--certainly better than the other shoes. Esp. since the shoe is black; they can cover and attach a new heel without worrying TOO much about matching.

I'm a fan of; free return shipping. So I can order a whole bunch of stuff on the credit card, and try them on at once, then return all that don't fit.

And I don't have to go to a store--I hate that. I have really wide feet, and it gets frustrating finding out that there's nothing in my size.

SheriZ6, I don't know why I haven't cottoned on to the "buy 2 pairs" idea--maybe because I don't often actually find something that fits well enough. I feel like I'm always settling.

And there's always Cowards--they're a reputable mail-order place to deal w/. And while they don't have many extreme styles, they not all boring, either.

Good luck!

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A good shoe repair company can remove up to 1/2 inch of the heel of a dress shoe. I have a bad foot and have to wear low heels....When I can find a narrow/semi low heel, my shoemaker shortens the heel and presto, I have the perfect shoe!

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I went to and found the CUTEST pair of shoes, and free shipping, and then saw the $279 price tag! Could EVERYONE hear me laughing?? Kept looking and found more price-reaonable ones after that, but none in a wide-width according to the search results. I'm not sure I could buy mail order anyway, since I hover right between a size 7.5 and size 8.

I very rarely buy 2 pairs of the exact shoes because they typically don't feel comfy when I buy them. By the time I decide they are OK, the shoe store is out of them.

Did I mention I hate shoe shopping???

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I can tell you that you should just go and try on. Even if they look like they are too pointy and might hurt.

I have been surprised by this year's styles. Some don't fit right still, but others that I would normally not try on, I was pleasantly surprised!

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