So many tops - so few pants WHY?

mommabirdOctober 9, 2012

It occurred to me last week: I have about five pairs of pants/jeans. It's is ah hard to find ones that fit and look good that I don't shop for pants until I have to. Tops, on the other hand, are easy. I can look at one on the hangar and tell if it will fit. Which leads to closet clutter! I must have had 100 tops on hangars. Most are solid colors, sometimes 5 or 6 in different shades of the same color.

I decided to fill up one trash bag to donate nth at went very quickly. Now I'm doing a second pass, which is taking longer. My goal is another full bag my Friday.

My larger goal is to never get into this situation again. I won't fall into the trap of buying tops just because its easy.

Now lets talk about shoes. I wear a women's 11. When I was young that was a very hard size to find so I developed the attitude of "here's an 11, I'd better buy it since its so hard to find!" 11 is very common now but I still seem to have that "attitude of lack." I am also filling up a trash bag of shoes to donate so some other size 11 woman can get the thrill of finding her size. My goal - only buy shoes I need, no matter how often I find my size.

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Well you have the fact that size 11 shoes are much easier to find than they used to be. However, if after children tyour foot spreads to a 12, well, that's better than it used to be too or I'd be wearing men's athletic shoes and clogs for everything.

Sounds like we have similar clothing and shoe experiences.

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I have more tops than bottoms too. My 'uniform' is a colored t-shirt and pair of jeans or shorts, depending on the weather. Having an ample bosom, I get stains on the front that get away from me, and I eventually discard the top.

When one of the crafts stores puts their t-shirts on sale, I usually buy a dozen or so.

I guess that ample bosom keeps the stains from getting on my pants!


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It makes sense that you have many more tops than pants because you can also wear tops with skirts, which I would expect to be more comfortable than pants.

I have the opposite problem from you with shoes - I wear men's size 7, which used to be easy to find, but now many brands do not make anything smaller than an 8. For athletic shoes, I can buy women's size 9, but that is unfortunately a very popular size for women, and so that is often sold out. I've known a couple of men who wore size 5 (they were about 5'4" tall), and so I don't know why size 7 should be hard to find these days.


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Lars--because I also wear a men's size 7 (though I'm a woman), I know this:

Size 7 is a youth size. That's why so few men's shoe places carry it.

You can find it in the kids' section sometimes, but it sells out rapidly. For basic shoes, like sneaks or casual oxfords, you can easily buy shoes from Lands End kids' section.

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When my sons wore 5 to 7, it was nearly impossible to get shoes for them! Now two of them wear 14 and its impossible again. At least the one that wears an 11 is easy to shop for!

I have to tell you a funny story from this weekend. I went shopping with a friend. I was so excited because I found a pair of pants tha fit perfect & was a size smaller than I normally wear. I was not wearing my glasses while shopping.

I get home and unpack the bag while wearing my glasses. The pants weren't. Size smaller - they were a size bigger than I normally wear! I just couldn't make out the tag without my glasses!

Moral of this story - wear glasses when you shop!

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Moral of this story - wear glasses when you shop!

No Mommabird, the moral ofa guide the story is size is just a number. If you'd had your glasses on you probably would not have even tried on those pants, and would've missed out on a pair that fit perfectly.

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