shopping for new dishwasher

ccl38February 25, 2013

I have to buy a new dishwasher this week. Suggestions anyone? What do you like or dislike about your dishwasher?

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Way too vague of a question. What is your budget? What are you looking for in a dishwasher? Do some research and come back with a more specific question.

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I have a Bosch mid level, I love it. I hd a Bosch in my previous home and loved it so much, when we bought this place it had a Frigidaire. Well that dishwasher died after only a few months so we replaced it with another Bosch. I love it because it washes really well, leaves everything spotless, is very quiet, and IME they are much more durable than Whirlpool/KA/Frigidaire/Maytag (all made by the same company now).

If I can ever afford a Meile that is the only other brand I'd consider other than Bosch.

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I don't like my Maytag particularly. I had to get it because it was one of the only ones that would fit under the lower counters in the pre-remodel kitchen. It's 4 1/2 years old, and one of the plastic parts on the top shelf has broken already, so one of the racks won't stay up.

You might get better info if you come up with a price range and ask over on the Appliances Forum.

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I have a Miele - love it.
I had a lemon Miele first and swore that I wasn't buying another and after looking - I bought another Miele.
(I bought the insurance and they sent me a check for the original cost of the DW- I usually don't buy the extended care plans - just good ESP)
I can put 12-14 place settings in it (make sure you get the upgraded racks - but they may be standard now)
Love the 3rd rack tray for silverware.

The only thing I don't like - the little plastic tubs tend to tip over if not secured.

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