I'm home, fixed and want to thank you all.

lilydillyOctober 16, 2008

I know this post isn't really about organizing, but in another way it is, so... I hope it's ok to pay tribute here to this forum and the people who make it happen.

I just want to say Hi, I'm back home after being away for 5 weeks to have neck surgery...finally I'm fixed...just have to get better now. I literally have my head screwed on now...with the xrays to prove it!!

Anyway, I just want you all to know that in the 6 awful months of being pretty much bedridden before having surgery, it was all you folk on here who kept me sane. I read every archived message, and while I couldn't actually DO much housework, it really helped when I could do a bit.

I still have to do plenty of resting up while I recover, but I have all the past 2 months of messages to catch up on. Also, with the house having been "run" by a very caring, but totally undomesticated hubby for the past 6 months, and having had a teenage son living here alone while we've been away for 5 weeks, well, need I say more? I'll need you all more than ever, just to keep balanced.

I'm so so grateful, that you all inspired me to be clutter free, while I could still do some things. It has been probably one of the biggest helps in these months, having no unnecessary stuff to deal with. Also, I know, even while I'll still be limited for some weeks ahead, that I can cope, because of that.

We only arrived home this morning, and once, I'd have been overwhelmed by having to deal with "normal" life again, while still getting over spinal surgery, but just the thought of this forum is the best tonic of all. Thank you everyone for your humour, your care, for all you share, and for keeping me going through the past months.

I've been thinking of you all over there in the United States with the scary economic stuff going on, and hoping you're all coping with however it is affecting you.

Now i just have to put into practice all the good ideas I learnt on here.... can't wait.

Lots of love and cheers to you all.


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Welcome home and speedy recovery wishes!

We'll tackle the house stuff with you later. LOL

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Good to hear from you, Lily. I hope that soon you will be stronger than ever!


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Glad to see you back, and glad to hear you're on the mend. Don't worry about the house stuff, it will wait for you *VBG* Hope you're feeling better every day!

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Hello Lily,

We are so glad to know you are recuperating. I hope you have fun deciding what to tackle first when you are up & about again.

Welcome back!

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Welcome home! When things get really bad, and your situation does sound "bad", just "get by" by concentrating on "The Three D's" Dinner, dishes, and duds. If you feel up to it, don't worry about the "clutter" part. Just make sure you and your family eat well, clean up the kitchen after every meal, and keep up with laundry. Hope your neck feels better and better by the day. If you are still in pain or weak, just make lists for what to do when you're well enough. And don't obsess about the clutter. It will "keep". Oh, and get well fast. Make sure you get enough sleep. That's number one, even before The Three D's!!!

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Best wishes to you Lily, along with a speedy recovery. I'm sure it helps when you look back to see how you preplanned for this time...and knowing all you have to focus on at the moment is healing. When you start to feel up to something, just remember to take it in 5 minute increments. You can make it longer as you feel better, which I hope will be very soon!

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Glad everything is OK now. I was wondering where you went. I couldn't forget your screen name. :) Glad you're back.

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I'm glad you're fixed--it will be such a relief.

sleep, sleep, of course.

And yay for no clutter, and how it made your life easy.

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Oh, Thanks everyone. I'll be honest. After all my spruiking yesterday about not being overwhelmed, I woke up this morning, got out of bed, and just burst into tears. The house is fine really, but just looking at all the unpacking of 5 weeks, the hospital gear, the bookwork to catch up on for our business, the medical paperwork, the washing to be done, the groceries to get...
Waaagh,,, I had a bit of a sook, and thought how nice it would be to go have a shower in a bathroom that is sterile, and come back to pristine white sheets made by the nurses with hospital corners, and have my chosen meals brought in on a tray!! Anyway reading your posts got me off the pity potty in a hurry, and how could i ever want to go back in hospital again? Yikes.
DH and I tackled the paperwork yesterday, because I could do that lying in bed, so at least we know the bills are up to date, our banking and mail are sorted, and that's a good feeling.
I loved your three D's Jannie... dinner,dishes, duds.
That got my priorities sorted. Good food, no scummy sink, and clean undies and pj's. Who needs more than that for a few weeks, and I can cope with that.
DH is great when it comes to mowing, and sweeping and carrying etc, so I'm really lucky. He keeps reassuring me that we'll get to the rest little by little. I'm just such a fusspot that even a messy bed gets me down, even when I know it doesn't matter at a time like this.
Thanks again for all your encouragement, and yes, 5 minutes at a time, I know. I need a neon sign in my brain flashing that at me all the time.
Kind regards Lily

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Lily, glad you are on the mend. Take your time and don't do to much. You have a DH that is helping and that is always a good thing.

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One step at a time has to be your motto, you've been through a lot; good luck to you.

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Well Lily it's certainly apparent that you not only have your head screwed on, I hope straight, but you have a sense of humor as well. That's always a good thing to help with recovery I'm told. And from personal experience I believe it's very true. So when you have the down times like you've already experienced, and you will have more, get out your favorite CD and play your favorite uplifting song. Over and over if you have to. And sing along to it at the top of your lungs. Well as long as that isn't harmful to you. If that doesn't work then watch a funny movie, read some funny jokes. You can always find lots of funny stuff on Reader's Digest. I'll link you below. And most of all, remember we're here for you. So give it to us! We can take it. We're women, Mom's gramma's and can handle anything together.
God Bless,

Here is a link that might be useful: readers digest jokes

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Yes Becky, thankfully they left my sense of humour intact, and before I had surgery, when I had to lie in bed most of the time, and I wasn't up to even reading sometimes, funny old TV comedy sketches kept me sane, or insane, whichever way you prefer to look at it. Also this forum.
I actually wrote out a list of the things that were said on here that made me chuckle out loud. I'll put them in a post one day soon. Perhaps that can be my "thankyou" tribute, as I think everyone would enjoy them.
Cheers Lily

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