Wow, there's a ROOM in here!

amandanOctober 21, 2007

I finally got to the bottom of my "pit of doom." I claimed this room when we moved in in May, intending it to be a craft room/home office space. But it hasn't really been usable, since, as we unpacked, everything that didn't have a home ended up in here. It's been piled knee-deep with half-empty boxes and debris for the last few months.

I spent most of last night working on it, and I think I have finally removed everything that doesn't belong. Put up pegboard and shelving for supplies, fixed and set up my computer-- no more sharing with my husband, hurrah!

The only thing that remains to be done is to tackle the closet. It's housing my yarn and fabric collection, but it's not adequately organized-- things keep toppling over and getting lost. I'm thinking about getting some of that cheap wire shelving from the hardware store and putting shelves in at 1-foot intervals most of the way up. The bottom 3 feet of the closet will be left open to store bulkier stuff like batting. Once I've finished working on holiday presents, I'm also going through and getting rid of any yarn and fabric that I will NEVER, ever, make something from. Like that polyester pinstripe suiting. It has "Goodwill" written all over it. :D

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Many congratulations and best wishes for fun and creative times in YOUR fresh new space!! You've worked so hard to claim it -- and the results are so worth that effort!:)

Well done!! :)

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You go girl! You're going to feel so good when it is done.

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Congratulations on your progress. May to October really isn't that long for a whole house move. Isn't space a beautiful thing. I cleaned out my guest closet this last week, giving much away using Freecycle. Now I enjoy just looking at "empty".

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About your shelves: I love the "1-foot intervals"idea, but note that nearly all of those mount-on-the-wall shelving systems have triangular brackets, which will get deeper as they get closer to the wall.

In several places in my home, those brackets are in the way--they prevent me from sliding a box or bin (or books, or any other object) all the way to the back. This either leaves me w/ weird spacing between items, or it means I can't put as many things on the shelf, or it means I have to space the shelves farther apart than I wanted.

So pay sort of close attention to spacing them (pick a plastic-tote/bin/box size to use on each shelf, and space the wall-standards so that you can fit an exact number of bins between them, or something like that.

And of course, you'll be able to move the brackets up a little bit if you need to, to make room, if you're using those ClosetMaid-style brackets.

The longer the bracket, the deeper the triangle.

The other option, depending on your closet with, is to mount those slotted standards that use the little clips on opposite ENDS of the closet, and set the shelves on those--but you can't have too wide of a shelf then, or it'll sag.

If your closet's really wide, then probably all you need is careful planning to position the standards and brackets.

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