Life in my new place (long)

marie26October 18, 2010

I moved into my 1,040 sq. ft. condo about 6 weeks ago. Since I had hired friends of friends who had day jobs, they literally left furniture anywhere and didn't put any together. They came back 2 1/2 weeks later.

Since then, I have gotten rid of 2 of the larger bookcases and ended up putting the other ones in my bedroom. Three of them ended up filling only 2 smaller ones and the corner unit and the last one has my daughter's books. I can't believe that I had gotten rid of so many books but I obviously did because I still have a few shelves that I can fill.

I ended up putting my cabinet with the DVD's and CD's in the dining room because the almost brand new couch that was given to me wasn't here yet when the movers came back to put this cabinet together. So, I made a decision of where to put it that I regret. Everything needs to now come out of it and I have to hire someone to move it to the living room where there's a perfect spot for it.

I had originally decided to put the flat screen TV above the fireplace but it was too high to enjoy watching it so I had to purchase a cabinet to put it on. Of course, true to form, I bought one with only one shelf and now I realize I needed to have two shelves. So it's another small thing that I want to fix.

Most things are put away. There are a few boxes left that I still have to find a spot for. This place only has 3 cupboards. The hall closet has the jackets and coats as well as the containers that hold stationary, tools, bridge chairs, etc. Another closet has double rods and hold all of my daughter's clothes and mine. The last closet has the fancier clothes and long dresses that take up 1/3 of the space. I`ve stacked bins and boxes in the rest of it.

There are still all the boxes of CD's, music DVD's (not blue ray) and books that I need to sell or at least find out if they have any value. Some of them do, I'm sure. These boxes are sitting in the dining room on either side of that cabinet that has to be moved.

It's been slow going and I still have so much paperwork to do due to my husband's passing away in May of this year. I'm now trying to take care of a little bit each week. This weekend I finally began taking care of 3 separate tax issues that I needed to get done. This felt like a load was lifted once I could say they're almost done. I just have to get one piece of paper for the accountant and then I can say they are all in the works. Once I do this, I'll take care of another few pieces of paper. It's been very hard for me to do them, though. When I try to get information on line, I reach a dead end and I need to call places to ask how to continue. But I can't call during work, so it's been difficult to do. It's probably an excuse and the procrastinator in me coming out.

So I need to finish putting the last of the boxes away and finish paperwork. Then I can start working on me because I need to find out what I want to do for the rest of my life. I do know that although my house doesn't yet look like it, I would like to live with a lot less stuff in it.

I`ve been reading this forum regularly and getting inspiration from the posts on how to proceed with organizing. I know I`m not alone in this and I`m grateful for the inspiration.

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I found that adding a sideboard to the room will give zou more storage space. Also you can put other things on top of it too. I was so frustrated awhile ago because I just had cardboard boxes all over my house. Now everything is organized and it makes my house much more enjoyable. The whole process just takes a long time and a lot of dedication. I hope this helps!

Here is a link that might be useful: Venezia Sideboard

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I have a sideboard on the other wall in the dining room. Once I move the cabinet out of there, I`ll decide if there is room for the table (which is rather large for the space and my main dilemma) and the sideboard. I like my dining room table and don`t have the money to get another one.

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Great to hear from you! I remember when you were dealing with so much uncertainty about when and where you'd land. You have REALLY pulled things together. I don't have any advice about your furnishings... I am sure you will come up with something that works for you.

I am so impressed with your follow-through, especially as you are moving through this first year as a widow. How is your daughter adjusting to the move? I remember this was one of your big concerns.

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Thank you cross stitch for remembering my other post. My daughter has actually been doing better, partly due to a meds change but also because we now live near tons of shopping so she has been getting out much more, which has definitely been helping her.

It`s good to be settled. I just wish the house was ready enough to have a dinner party.

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Marie, you will get there in time. Don't forget about the important things that need to be done while figuring out where to put things.

Even when we procrastinate it still plays on our minds. BTDT and still do at times.

As far as moving things around I find those mover disks work well as I never have any one to help me. If you or your daughter can lift a corner while the other shoves the disk under it you can glide it where it needs to be.

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I also have a job where it is difficult to make phone calls. You may or may not be procrastinating, but this can be a true obstacle. Keep going! It will get done.

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Hi, Marie,

I've been wondering how things were going with you lately. I'm so glad to hear that you are in the condo and things are moving along.

What a lot of life changes for you this year! It always amazes me to discover just how resilient we actually are.

I've been keeping you in my prayers.


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Hi Marie,
It's so good to hear from you. From my perspective, you're doing amazingly well. You're even chipping away at the paperwork stuff that can easily become overwhelming. It all takes time. And you're correct that you are not alone in the struggle to de-clutter and organize. Please give yourself love and approval for all you've accomplished. Do not let your inner critic make you feel that things are going too slowly. Things are progressing at the speed that they are, and that's OK.

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