Plastic storage bags, roll-up kind

socksOctober 29, 2006

I am asking about those plastic storage bags which roll up to press all the air out. Somehow they lock the air out.

Do these work well?

If so, where can they be bought? Bed, Bath & Beyond? Target?

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I bought a bunch of them because we were storing everything to move out for a remodel--Some worked, some didn't. It sounds great in theory especially if you watch them on t.v. They are expensive, and I would not buy them again.

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I had the space bags where you use a vacuum cleaner hose to suck out the air. I did NOT like them and wouldn't use them again.

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Thanks. Maybe I'll just bundle the bedding in a regular plastic bag.

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I bought a couple of these. I tried one to put a comforter in, and my cat decided that it was a fun thing that I was doing (big plastic cave making all kinds of fun crackly sounds) that she attacked the bag and punched a couple of pin-sized holes in it, and that was that. You can't have ANY holes in a vacuum-sealed bag, eventually air will get in. So, I do store stuff in it, but it doesn't take up any less space. A regular plastic bag will do just as well.


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