please help me pick light-coloured granite counters!

feisty68February 28, 2014

I am having trouble with finding granite slabs in my city. What we've picked has promptly gone out of stock in all stoneyards! Not sure whether to wait to figure out if they get back in stock (stoneyards can't tell me when they will restock), or evaluate other options.

You can see my mood board below - not sure about curtains (the other ones I picked went out of stock too! The mood board shows Valley White/River White.

Some candidates:

1. Millenium Cream - out of stock, maybe too beige

2. Valley White/River White - out of stock, looks great with stainless but very strong pattern

3. Panna Fragola granite from Brazil - can't seem to find good photos of it installed. It's hard to look in the showroom because of the fluorescent lighting and wierd context. Does anyone know if this is true granite or anything about its properties?

4. ???

Oh, and it HAS to be granite because of my husband. I've gone down that road with him over and over and there's no point flogging that horse again.

These counters will be very prominent in my open concept kitchen/dining/living area at the apartment entrance. I'd love more input on my layout/design thread as well.

Any help would be appreciated.

Here is a link that might be useful: Panna Fragola

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What stage is your kitchen at? Do you have samples of your cabinets and flooring? If so take them to the yards and get granite samples of whatever looks OK. Bring them home and see how they look in your lighting, etc.

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I just bought River White and am waiting on install. While looking at a stone yard that was out of River White stock, I saw one called Salinas White that was very pretty. Maybe ask about that one?

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Thanks for your replies Debra and Errant!

Debra, I'm doing custom doors so I will be matching the doors to the counters rather than the other way around (easier!). I can bring the flooring sample there though. It doesn't really help because the lighting is so bad in the showroom that you really can't see the slab colours. The little samples are too small to get a feeling for the slab movement and variation.

My old kitchen isn't even demolished yet. Flooring is being redone - will be finished Mar 11. Then we are DIY installing IKEA cabinets (not very many though).

Errant, I found a photo of Salinas White - looks nice! My stoneyard doesn't stock it though. Congrats on choosing Valley White - looks beautiful.

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I wonder if the Salinas White has another name? When I did find a yard with my River White, I asked if they also had the Salinas so that I could compare the two, but they had never heard of it.

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Kashmir White? Similar to River White with maybe slightly less movement. We just had it put in and it looks great

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I looked at one of the stoneyards again. Colonial White is an option. I really don't like it as much as River White though. Panna Fragola is out of stock.

Why is this so hard?

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I like Kashmir White as well, but it read as more beige than I was planning on - worried it wouldn't work as well with grey/stainless?

The lighting there is HORRIBLE. Everything greyish looks very greenish under the fluorescents.

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Pretty good example of Colonial White installed. The dark dots are very prominent. To me, Valley White feels softer-looking.

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Kashmir White looks really good here though:

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feisty, what area are you in? Isn't there other stone yards within 50 miles? It may be worth the drive.

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I'm in the Vancouver area. I investigated 3 stoneyards that are sold out of Valley White, but got leads on two others that I am going to call.

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Have you looked at Bianco Romano? It is not as linear in pattern as River White, but has much of the same colors (varies of course depending on the individual slab).

It is funny that you found Kashmir white to be more beige -- the samples that I had were definitely cooler and greyer than River White.

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Our Kashmir White definitely looks gray, but it has some swirls of a warmer griege as well. Painted the walls Revere Pewter this week, which is a warm gray. It looks like it was color matched to the counters.

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