Lots of little projects! big payoffs!

talley_sue_nycOctober 6, 2012

So I ended up with some comp time (they owe me for TONS of overtime!!) and FINALLY hit a week in which I could take it. So I just went home at lunchtime one day, and at 4pm the next (quitting time is 6).

I didn't want the time to go to waste, so I really got cracking! First, I finished the Nerf gun installation.

Then I decided to tackle all of the little projects that I'd started but not finished (i.e., the supplies were cluttering up the counters, cabinets, closets, floor).


The new soap dispenser is in, so:

1) I can use the soap dispenser again, and the small bottle on the counter can go away (plus the new dispenser doesn't have a peeling-off finish, so it looks nicer--and bonus!! Its spout is longer, so it reaches all the way into the sink!)

2) the uninstalled soap dispenser isn't on the counter in the way anymore.

And hey, while I was down there and had the trash pullout uninstalled (to make room for us to get in), I put the plastic liner back down on the floor of the cabinet, so:

1) the cabinet itself is protected better (it has a thin covering, not the melamine I thought I'd get)

2) the plastic liner isn't in my way in my closet anymore

The sheers are installed on the DR window, so:

1) the window looks more finished, and I can experiment with not having the venetian blinds

2) the curtain rod isn't getting in the way by the bedroom hamper, and the sheers aren't clogging up the cubbies there either

The plastic covers are on the shower curtain rods, so:

1) the shower curtains slide easily without catching on the seam, and they look nice again

2) the plastic covers aren't leaning in the corner of the bathroom, looking cluttery and falling over all the time!

The shampoo dispenser is installed in the little bathroom shower, so:

1) my son will be able to dispenser his shampoo & bath gel more frugally

2) the shampoo dispenser isn't kicking around the bedroom, bathroom, dining room, dining room, my closet, other bathroom under-sink.

The new shelf liners for the kitchen drawers are installed, so:

1) the drawers are clean (no more grit!) and organized and decluttered

2) the cut-out liners are no longer kicking around on the countertop or under the sink.

Oh, and that Nerf installation? It's finished, so:

1) the guns are up off the floor

2) I can put the magazine holders (which didn't work) into use as a magazine holder, and the nails, etc., can go down in the basement, out of the dining room!

And actually, there's a triple payoff: I feel great about finishing them.

None of these has taken THAT long on its own, but I really did (mentally at least) need a block of time to feel I could tackle them, because at least with some of them, I didn't know how long it would take to accomplish.

Others (like the kitchen drawers) I let myself do in stages, one drawer at a time.

And I also found that the first day, with an entire afternoon to play with, helped me really get going--I have SO much momentum now.

And that helped me do lots of other little things like completely clear off the DR table, the kitchen counters, the top of my dresser, the corner of my bedroom, the top of the buffet, the end tables in the living room.

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Hooray for TalleySue!!!

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Oh, here's another one!

We're having a friend/family member over for breakfast/brunch/early afternoon tomorrow, and we're making mimosas, so:
1) we get the fun feeling of a party
2) a hole opens up in the overstuffed wine rack, which means the bottle of Clos du Bois can move from the floor beside it, INTO the wine rack!

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And here's another one:

I'm going to put together the Nanoblock penguin I bought for myself, so:
1) I get the fun of playing with blocks, and I get a cute penguin to go into the collection
2) the package won't be in the drawer, getting in the way every time I open it.

What about you? What "double-whammies" have you gotten lately?

Here is a link that might be useful: Nanoblock penguin

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I'm planning a double whammy tomorrow during whatever football and baseball games are on.

My DH suffered severe head injuries in March, (doing well in recovery and therapy), and generated a ton of papers. Between bills, payment explanations, another bill, records, copies of everything signed in the hospital and aftercare, more bills, etc., I'm sure we've consumed at least three trees. I have a box just for this paperwork, and a 3-ring binder full of sheet protectors to hold everything.

The binder has been a godsend, capturing papers and information, but now needs to be reorganized.

So, while I watch TV, I'll file, label, toss duplicates, etc.

The Whammy? One, I can get rid of the box. Two, all the papers will truly be a fingertip away. Three, I'll know what is paid and what has not yet been paid. Four, I can hoot and holler for my teams.

Wow, I guess that is a double double-whammy.

One of the things I noticed about five years ago when I started purging/organizing was how quickly I could put my hands on items. Prior to that, it was very time consuming to gather items for a project.

Thanks for sharing, talley sue and others. It's always good inspiration!


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It was a double double whammy plus one! Got rid of the box of papers, re-organized the binder, rooted
for the teams, I know what's paid.

Found a $50 gift card at the bottom of the box!!!


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WOW! You are my hero!

Doing all those little projects = big payoff in peace of mind!

I've been pairing my house since April. I took 2 days off last week to paint the West end. That was the last part that you can see from the street. It feels so good to have that done! I still have the dormer in the back but it will wait until Spring. It feels so good to wrap up something!

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I have 2 nagging organizing projects I really must do- put a baby lock on the under-sink cabinet. New cat I adopted has been going in there and I don't like it. And also hang the spice rack inside my pantry door. Both projects will probably take about an hour. Also need to get ready for fall- put away my garden hose and shut off the outside Water faucet. But it's supposed to rain today. Must work inside. Perfect for the 2 indoor projects.

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You inspired me ... finally went shopping for a new mat for a print we like:

1 - print, frame, glass, old mat and backing are off the floor of my office!

2 - Print is on the wall in the living room and looks great.

3 - So I hung three more pictures that had been removed for some reason or another, getting them off the floor of my office.

Yes, these projects do have a double payoff.

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I love this thread, too!! Wow!

I've had building materials stacked around my house, including all my windows for years. A while back I realized that the only way to get rid of these things as to work to have them installed.

Since 2008, everything I do, every penny I make goes into getting something installed. The windows were first and the space it made was AMAZING! Plus, then, without heat, it was still a million degrees warmer in here than it was with just Tyvek paper covering the windows!!

My current whammy was taking a cabinet apart and retrofitting the drawers into another, reach-in base cabinet. I got rid of the 1st cabinet (making space) and was able to sort that bank of 3 cabs (reach-in, drawers now, and reach-in) so I could actually put my towels and linens in them, in the MBR and bath. Those are now out of boxes stacked against the wall.

I have to cut down some 36" drawers (reuse center) and put the casters on the bottom for underbed storage. This will get make space for the few quilting projects I just cannot part with, but am not working on. That is my weekend goal.

Someone, on another board, called these projects "broken teeth". You take care of this "tooth" and 5 other things get done, plus everything looks so good. AND it was so darned easy, you wonder why you didn't do it sooner. :)

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yay for all the double payoffs! (and gift-card bonuses!)

Isn't it funny how some of these things end up with a third bonus somewhere? Especially the "momentum" ones--those are great.

CEFreeman, you're right: "It was so darned easy, you wonder why you didn't do it sooner."

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