Ikea wardrobe for back hall?

patches123October 19, 2006

Has anyone used the Ikea wardrobe system? I had been planning to build a closet in the back hall off the garage. But DH suggested using a wardrobe instead, as its less work for him, and I saw these on Ikea. I have a total of 64" wide and 9' ceilings. For depth I could do all 13"D or do the ends in 13" and the middle section in the 23". This would be for coats, shoes, gloves etc and then in one or one side for extra storage for cans, boxes, dishes etc as my kitchen is adjacent to the garage and hall. I have white painted oak cabinets and white trim. I do have touches of black and walnut furniture. What do you think?

Here is a link that might be useful: Ikea

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I saw this wardrobe on display in the Ikea store near me. It looks great and their stuff is very sturdy. I would get it if I had the space for it. It's big. Make sure you measure carefully.

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My son has the deeper (~24" I think....) PAX units in his bedroom - a double unit with mirrored doors connected to a single unit that has drawers in the bottom area.

It is sturdy, it looks great and it is HUGE! The ones you show are not as deep so make sure when you are there that you get the right ones!

PS - DS wanted more space in his bedroom. His IKEA set replaced a triple dresser with mirror, chest of drawers, nightstand and bookcase. All that is in his room is a bed, desk and the PAX unit. He is VERY happy with all the reclaimed floorspace!

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SO you think it looks nice, not like the cheaper wardrobes that Lowes and HD sell in the closet orgainizer section. They look plasticy. I don't have an Ikea near me - closest one is 9 hours away I think. SO I would have to pay for shipping. WOuld you do white or a darker color as I have white cabinetry, white appliances, white trim. Walls are butter color, floor is oak, counters are a dark blue corian. I have walnut colored rush seat barstools then an ivory distressed table and chairs and then the curtains are gold with ebony stained curtain rods and the adjacent living room has a lot of ebony colored furniture.

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I just called Ikea...$350 for shipping, I knew it would be pricey, but ouch. What other good alternatives are there?

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On vacation last week, I made DH stop when I saw an Ikea. I remember looking at the wardrobes section and they definitely seemed to be sturdy. The closest Ikea to us is also 9 hours away. But, I've lived in 3 suburbs that built an Ikea shortly after I moved away that would have each been no more than 10 minutes from my house.

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I keep hoping we will get one. We have PB, WS, Crate and Barrel. WHy not Ikea. I will be doing some travelling and an Ikea would only be 1/2 hour out of the way. I wish I could find something local that looks nice and will work...I looked at instock Closet Maid and Mills Pride and while they would work I am just not sure how they will look and hold up.

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We just designed a system for our master bedroom. Not an overly large room and we wanted more space. We replaced 3 dressers with the PAX system so now instead of being scattered all over the room, it is on one wall. We put 2 20x80 units on each side of the window on one wall and 2 40x30 bases run under the window. All are 23" deep. We put doors on the tall units and an assortment of wooden drawers, wire baskets and shelves tailored to our needs inside and then 2 drawers each in the base units. There is barely an inch on either side of this unit and it looks built in. DH connected all the units together. (We chose not to go with the 92" height with our carpet it would have been TIGHT. I have two decorative boxes that hold some keepsakes on top of each high unit. However if we had it would really look built in) Our TV and components sit on top of the bases under the window. We are able to store all that was in the dressers with an entire base drawer still to be filled. Those four base drawers are HUGE. Now we have lots of floor space as well as room for a favorite chair and ottoman. We also replaced our night stands with matching IKEA ones. I am really glad we did this. The pieces are well made, heavy but easy to put together. It was hard to decide what style doors to go with but DH wanted ANEBODA so that is what we went with. I like it and love the space and organization.

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OK, let's see if I'm getting this correct. After moving the half bath door, you would have a dead end of a hallway which you would like to utilized for pantry and coat storage.

My pantry cabinets are 15" deep. The largest boxes of food I purchase are only 8" deep, so I end up with wasted space in front of the ones I frequently access and sometimes miss things when I put a double layer.

If your hallway is traditional, it's 36" wide. I would locate the studs and put in shelves 11-12" deep. Measure what you want to store or have adjustable shelving. I like mine pretty stationary since I put heave stuff there.

I would then come out the full 13" and put a pre-hung interior door. You would only have to build a header with some short studs for a bit of drywall. As long as the studs in your hallway work out, a pre-hung door in something like 32" will probably take up the 36" hallway and could be trimmed out to cover any gaps. You could then use both sides of the door for coat storage with attractive hooks.

We live far, far and even farther from things I see linked. So for less than the IKEA cabinet and shipping, you could have a nice set-up. Since I can't usually purchase things I would like, I try to list the features I really want. I can usually get a better fit when it' built to fit the spot.

I did use two cheap-o fiberboard cabinets for pantry space. I hate to admit it, but they looked just fine. They were white laminate and once we didn't need them, it was really painless to send them packing. You might want to try a $50 screw together cabinet and see it the space works like you hope. If so, it would be worth building something more attractive. If I had it to do over again, I wouldn't have gotten laminate. I would have gotten the brown color stuff and painted it to match my walls. MDF paints well and you can fancy it up with trim molding.

Our local big box store has them with one side for hanging clothing and the other side with shelves. You could hang the coats as well as have some pantry storage. They come in a variety of heights.

That would be my first choice.


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do you have an "unfinished furniture" place near you? You could see what they'd charge you for tall bookcases w/ doors. They could make it any size you wanted, and you could just have the doors be big slabs of plywood with iron-on edge-banding.

If you plan to paint, you could do MDF for the sides, and even the door maybe. Or, furniture-finish plywood would stain up nicely.

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Kacee, do you have a picture of your system? That sounds great.

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it is on my photosite...link below

go to the 2nd page of the House album...click to enlarge

Here is a link that might be useful: PAX system

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Well I just saw the Pax Units in Emeryville and love them. Dh loves the white divided light doors and I do to, that or the raised panel white looking ones. Is it possible to add a thin layer of the beaboard panel on the sides and stil have the doors work OK? I could do that to help it tie in better to my kitchen. He did mention that he didn't mind driving to Chiago to pick them up...he likes road trips so that might be an option.

I thought I might get some of the pullout drawers for shallower good items in the pantry side.

So, we'll see!

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I don't know how the PAX system works, but when I ordered IKEA cabinets for the laundry room, I had to order them at the store then they took 2-3 weeks to come in. They came into some warehouse/distribution place, not the store, and we had to pick them up there. I would call the store in Chicago and see if you have to go through a similar process or if you can just pick up the components at the store. If you are going to be driving, I'd definitely make sure they have the stuff you want in stock and maybe even see if they can sit it aside for you - you don't want to get all the way there just to find out they're sold out, and I know from personal experience that you can't always trust what their inventory computer says, so if you can get someone to pull your order, that would be great. Try calling early in the day on a weekday and maybe you'll get someone with the time and motivation to do this - if you call on a weekend, the store is so mobbed no one will help you!

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I stopped in the Seattle Ikea this summer to look at kitchen cabinets (subsequently ordered and now putting them together). I also looked at the PAX system and really liked how they look, are put together, the size and the price. I mean, I was surprised. I plan to get some when the new IKEA store opens in Portland Oregon next year!

And no, I do not at all like the stuff at HD or Lowe's. This wasn't in the same category in the slightest.

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I have installed white PAX 96" from IKEA in my closet after searching HD and Lowes. Also I got quotation from local closet people. They are asking too much $$. I installed 3 wardrobes for less than $400. I am very happy with it. I did not install doors and other gadgets. Only 4 selves and 5 hanging rods. Assembly is 2 people job but easy. Thanks, Sam

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