What's the name of that new "forever" grout?

eleenaFebruary 10, 2013

I remember reading here about this new "magic" grout that does not need to be sealed, won't ever crack, etc. I did not bookmark it as I was not going to tile and now I cannot find it.

Could someone please tell me what it is or post a link?

Thank you very much!

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are you talking about an epoxy grout? We used Laticrete SpectraLoc

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I really have not idea what it was. I just remember that it was said to be something amazing but recommended for floors and not countertops as it might not be food-safe.

How do you like yours, remodelfla?

I have just found a discussion on the Bathrooms forum about epoxy grout and the "tile guru" (BV) advising against it. I had conversations with him when doing my bathrooms and know that he is great.

I'd appreciate if you could share your experience with epoxy grout.

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we chose epoxy grout for a whole house application. I have 3 little dogs, one of whom is very old and goes where he goes. It's more expensive and more difficult to apply. However, we wanted something that was impervious and would never ever have to be redone, resealed, or look cruddy. I would totally trust Bill's opinion. Perhaps for your application it would be overkill.

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Thank you both!

Don't have an old dog but have a young child who sometimes does the same, LOL. Hmmm, something to think about...

I think it might have urethane. Waiting for 10 days to cure is not a problem but not sure if my installer would agree to use it...

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Urethane is good. "QuartzLock" may be what you're thinking of. The learning curve is pretty short and it completely cures in (as I recall) seven days....just means not to get it wet for a week. Seems to me it dries in about a day.

Not cheap, but easy to work with and clean up. No sealer needed.

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Is Quartzlock like the SpectraLoc?

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Just be aware that all grouts are not for use with all tile. Epoxy is not recommended for use with light marbles for example as you may experience picture-framing (darkening of the perimeter of each tile) which can be permanent.

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Bill Vincent is a font of great knowledge. However, I do not understand his objection to epoxy grout. He says that the PRODUCT is great, as good as everyone says. But his objection is just the COST. He says that it is expensive, and therefore "overkill." (In this case, my quotation marks mean that I am making a direct quote of BV, not using them the way they are used elsewhere in this thread.)

Here's what I don't get. All of the materials for my kitchen floor cost about $2700. (I did the installation, so there were no outlays for the labor.) Of that total, the epoxy grout added about $200 to the cost. In that context, it really was not a big expense to get a grout that I don't have to worry about staining.

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Circus Peanut

I tend to agree with you, AngieDIY. I've used epoxy gout on two projects now and really like the stuff. Personally I found Mapei's brand easier to use than Laticrete's Spectralock, but Laticrete was easier to locate, and they were both fine. I've loved the epoxy grout in my bathroom and it's been bombproof for 4 years, still looked like new when we sold the house a few months back.
We don't have incontinent housepets, but we are slobs, if that counts.

(One must keep in mind that Bill V is working in a slightly different environment up here in rural Maine, where New England parsimony rules. ;-) The financial considerations applied here might not apply to GW members living in larger more wealthy urban areas.)

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