Permitting and splitting contracting work interior+exterior

dreamojeanFebruary 26, 2013

I'd be interested in feedback from people, especially in New York City or NYS, who have permitted an interior/exterior job (like in the case of our old brownstone, adding a deck and kitchen) and then decided to split the work between interior and exterior (or considered then decided against it because of permitting issues). We want to hire someone to do our interior work but he doesn't do exteriors, and doesn't want to be responsible for the entire permit so that the deck people we eventually hire technically work under him. Our architect doesn't think a separately contracted deck firm would pull the entire permit due to the risk of liability for plumbing and electrical from the interior job, so he thinks the interior firm has to own the exterior permit too. So... All this might mean we can't hire this guy for the interior, and have to go with a more comprehensive contractor who can do the full job and full permit. We prefer not to withdraw the permit application because we have approval already, just need to pull the permit. (it seems silly to do an unpermitted job when we already paid to get a permit). And we strongly prefer not to pay double to effectively split in half the permit application just to hire this guy. I think he would be good and perhaps we would save a few bucks on him to boot, but filing a new permit costs a few thousand and doesn't seem worth the risk. The guy we want to hire is time+materials with a separate electrician and plumber in the mix (paid directly), so harder to quantify his costs vs the general contractors who are more firm.

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Normally a general contractor would pull the permit for the entire job. Is your interior guy not a general contractor? If he is, is there a reason why you are paying the electrician and plumber directly? In my experience, time and materials billing = expensive.

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Jellytoast, the interior guy is a licensed contractor and he could pull the permit for the whole job but doesn't want to because he would only handle part of the job and he doesn't have workers comp because he works for himself and has a partner who also has his own insurance, so I guess, no he is not really a general contractor ... he does everything but exteriors and plumbing/elec and has good plumbing/electrical help as needed. we hired him for a small job and will meet with him about the bigger one when he starts, and feel it out

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Can you pull the permit yourself as an owner/builder in New York?

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No, I don't think we can pull the permit ourselves because the person pulling the permit takes responsible for the work that's done, so only the person doing the work wants to take responsibility for it

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I don't blame the interior guy for not wanting to pull the permit for the entire job since he has no control over other portions of the job.

In Cali, a Homeowner can pull the permit as owner/builder, essentially acting as their own general contractor. We've done that ourselves on several remodeling projects. Are your sure this can't be done in your area? If not, your other options would be to hire a general contractor or have each sub pull their own individual permit for their own portion of the job. I think you are going to be hard pressed to find a sub contractor willing to take responsibility for the entire job.

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