Several females lead Canadian provinces

joyfulguyFebruary 11, 2013

In a recent election in Canada's most populous (and largest, or next so) province, Ontario, a political party led by a female won the most seats, in a "first-past-the-post" style of counting, so is in charge of the government.

She was given the oath of office today, along with the people that she has chosen to form her cabinet, to lead the various departments of the government.

Also, she has a female life-partner.

That means that six of our provinces and territories have a female person leading the party that has the most seats, so forms the government.

Quite an unprecedented situation.

This province has had several difficult circumstances to deal with in recent times, and the former premier resigned several months before the election.

ole joyful

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I've always thought it interesting that the monarchs who were "queens in their own right" rather than queens because they were married to the king (Elizabeth I, Victoria, Elizabeth II) reigned for very long, comparatively stable times in England.

How exciting it'll be to watch & see what happens in Canada.

Thanks for sharing this, OJ.

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