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woodpat1tFebruary 4, 2013

We are planning to update our kitchen by refacing our cabinets white. We are leaning toward white quartz countertops with white subway tiles or black granite countertops - not sure, what backsplash to use with that choice. Our island has a Venetian Gold granite countertop and the countertop will remain, but the base cabinet will be white. In addition, we have a ledge in front of the window which is a nice detail, but I am not sure how to handle it in the update.

I would so appreciate any feedback or suggestions. -

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If it was me, I would do something darker for the counters around the perimeter, like a brown that would pull out the brown/burgundy in the Venetian Gold. If you were doing granite (and depending on the slab!!), something along the lines of Tropic Brown, Tan Brown, or Baltic Brown. I am unsure exactly what white quartz looks like, but I am imagining it to be similar to what you have around the perimeter now. Venetian Gold has a lot of creamy/gold which makes the white counter look stark comparatively, IMO. Otherwise, your entire kitchen will be white - cabinets, backsplash, counters, with the VG being the only splash of any other shade.

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you'll end up with a nice transitional looking style with the white cabs.I think the darker counters would look good as well. Try something like some of the mosaic backsplashes-all colors and different sizes now avail.I think white subway sounds too boring-the space with high wall detail can use more going on.I'm not opposed to the white cabinets-but the whole package of what you describe so far is so plain.Porcelain backsplashes are quite varied now with the patterns,and it's a beautiful tile. Maybe wait till the cabs are done and new hardware is on to get a feel. A really dark charcoal or the blackish, without being too severe-[or get it honed]-is a good direction for the perimeter counter though. Have you searched out new hardware-that seems the next thing actually, and will be great with the white.

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White on white sounds awesome; the splash should match the aggregate pieces in the quartz if there's aggregate, if the quartz is solid white, it should match the flooring. Which white quartz? Another look that's very popular these days is Carrara white or Calacatta marble counters. That will give you plenty of matching opportunities for the splash.

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Also, the doors do not look to be in bad shape. Would you be open to keeping the current doors and staining the cabinets ? Would likely be a lot less expensive. Do some searches on Gardenweb for gel staining cabinets and use Google, including Gardenweb as one of the search terms. Several people have done this in their kitchens and in their bathrooms.

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If you want white, and are thinking of doing a "reface" by replacing the doors and drawers, you are wasting your money. Just do a quality paint job with what you have. If you DIY, you can do it for less than $500 in materials. If you reface, you're talking a LOT more money. To end up with the same look.

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If you want white cabs, perhaps you should consider continuing the venetian gold countertops and use cream colored subway tiles for the backsplash. That would look great with your existing floor and even your existing paint color. Here are some photos on houzz.

Here is a link that might be useful: white cabs venetian gold counters

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